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We have the official title of the new Resident Evil movie, and one of the main locations in the story will be a certain castle “k * rva scary”

The unofficial version of the first part of Resident Evil looks pretty good

We can safely say that Resident Evil games are experiencing a renaissance, as we’ve gotten a lot of good play about it in recent years, even if fans don’t like both Resi 7 and the Part 3 method. And this year, we’re not just getting Episode 8 of The subtitle Village, but there will also be an animated series (Infinite Darkness) and a movie that we hope will forget Paul WS Anderson and Milla Jovovich’s “masterpieces”. Finally, the latter also turns out to have an official subtitle, which is simple but cool Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.

Full title revealed by Director Johannes Roberts (47 m deep) Talk to American IGN az in a multimedia event called SXSW 2021. Roberts reassured fans that this replay will have nothing to do with Paul WS Anderson’s action-oriented adaptations, but will be more related to parts 1 and 2 of the Resident Evil series of games, not just in terms of character and story. According to the director, one of the prime locations will be “k * rva scary,” which means Welcome to Raccoon City will be (in part) a horror movie.

“The point of this movie is the mood. In the games, I liked that it was very scary, and [a filmben is] I have struggled to a great extent. […] [Nagyon fontos] Atmosphere – constant rain, constant darkness, and the moon. Raccoon City was starting to rot in the movie in some ways, and I wanted to bring that mood to the game [nagyvászonra]”- Johannes Roberts said.

The director revealed that the plot will take place in two main locations: the Raccoon City Police Department, known as 1998’s Resident Evil 2, and the 1996 Resident Evil estate icon, Spencer’s Mansion – the latter would be especially frightening, according to the Creator.

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However, Roberts said the business for him was John Carpenter’s work when I bring out Welcome to Raccoon City. Yes, the horror legend was inspired by the films that were semi-zombie films: Siege of Police Station 13 and The Mist (although it appears that only the latter can be related to zombie horrors). In these works, the impulse behind the siege and resulting confinement is captured by Johannes Roberts, in which a large group of enemies in both threaten survivors trapped in a certain location. This base mode is undoubtedly compatible with Resident Evil, and is also available in games. Johannes Roberts claims we’ll see a state of siege on the RC Police Station plot and surrounding areas, while at Spencer Castle, horror and awe will play the main role.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City Cinemas are set to arrive overseas on September 3, 2021. You can see the film’s cast in this article. Below you can see a summary of the gaming events, including Parts 1 and 2, so those who want to be in the photo are highly recommended for Welcome to Raccoon City!

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