Kezünkben a Magic V összehajtós csúcsmobil, ami nem lehet a tiéd kép

We have the Magic V foldable top mobile phone, which can’t be yours

A Buffalo SoC, a super hinge, great display and plenty of cameras have been added to the Galaxy Z Fold3 Challenge, but unfortunately there’s a bump that won’t make you spend your money on it.

For years we’ve had foldable smartphones that still cling to the classic mobile design but offer an entirely new user experience, but it’s only recently that companies have reached the point where they can produce models that are no longer effortless. However, some representatives waited for the first device to use a magnifying glass to look for shortcomings and compromises. Honor, which was not bound by the restrictions imposed on Huawei, was able to create the Magic Vt with the full support of Google. By the way, this letter should be pronounced “vi” and not “five”. There is a very trivial reason for this: the V shape symbolizes unlocking the phone.

2022 Interior

The Honor Magic V One big trick is that the manufacturer – which is already completely independent from Huawei – tried to create a completely symmetrical design. In practice, this means that both sides of the Magic V have the same weight and size (thick) and don’t come close to a wedge shape when folded, but are exactly parallel in half.

Of course an external screen has also been added to the mobile, this is how most people use their phones. The 6.45-inch FHD+ OLED panel has the same film thickness on all sides, 120Hz refresh rate, HDR10+ support, and the surface is only broken by the 42MP selfie camera. The device is durable, and the outer display is covered with Honor’s self-developed nano-crystalline glass coating, which the company says is more effective at scratching than the best Gorilla Glass solutions and less likely to be damaged if dropped — although that’s the case. No formally definitive comparison has been made.

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From the back of the phone, three 50MP cameras, plus flash and laser autofocus, rise to respectable heights. All kinds of modes can be used for photography, there is HDR, but interestingly, optical image stabilization is omitted and you can not switch at speeds up to 60 frames per second even at low resolutions.

The hinge is an impressive work of engineering, it has 213 elements and opens and closes with pleasure, but in the middle position it only remains for several tries. Interestingly, if we open it to a certain point, the process will take place automatically. According to internal tests, the phone can withstand 200,000 motors, but its water and dust resistance (IP rating) is missing from its features.

Inside, under the protection of a two-layer “nano-layer”, it receives an OLED display with an aspect ratio of 10:9, with a resolution of 1984 x 2272 at 90Hz, and it also supports the HDR10 + standard. Honor is proud that while the defense is more resistant to scratches, glare has also been reduced. In addition to being here, a 42-megapixel standalone camera with the same knowledge. Unfortunately, there is no official support for the stylus.

The phone’s built-in controls evoke top-notch, not to mention 5G, and the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 4nm SoC is responsible for the speed, with 12GB of lightning-fast RAM and 256GB of storage. In addition to the stereo speakers, the interesting thing is that the phone also has IMAX Enhanced certification and the battery is split into two for the same weight distribution. This battery is capable of fast charging at 4750 mAh and 66W, but wireless charging is late.

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Everything is given, but you don’t get it

As mentioned earlier, Honor’s foldable top phone is a fully Google-enabled device, which means it comes with Android 12 and all Google services available on it, and the company is expected to offer years of software support – but for now it’s pending an explanation of how long that will mean. That’s in the area.

But the big problem is that despite the three colors, Google support, modern hardware and meticulous engineering, the phone will not officially arrive in Hungary. Do not expect it at least in the first half of 2022. If you still want to get the Honor mobile phone, then be sure to pay attention to another model that is also an important part of the company’s offer, which will be announced by the manufacturer on Monday, 28 February.

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