We have the decision: construction of Tócóvölgyi Extreme Sports Park may begin soon - Debrecen news, Debrecen news |  Debrecen and Hajdu Bihar district news

We have the decision: construction of Tócóvölgyi Extreme Sports Park may begin soon – Debrecen news, Debrecen news | Debrecen and Hajdu Bihar district news

Author: Tamás Rituper [email protected]

Published: November 25, 2021 09:20 | Updated: 25.11.2021 09:31

Debrecen – they can announce the result in public procurement, the winner must build a sports park next to the ice rink in half a year.

Based on the decision of the General Assembly of Debrecen, the local government undertakes to cover construction costs in excess of the amount won in the Tócóvölgyi Extrémsport Park tender, so that they can announce the results in public procurement. The company that submitted the lowest bid took over the work for a total of 620 million HUF. At present, the company cannot be named either in the proposal or at the general meeting due to legal requirements. The additional cost is expected to be covered by the reallocation of TOP funds.

In addition to its own resources, the local government also sought tender opportunities for the park, so additional resources could have been attracted through the Hungarian Cycling Association, so that the facility could be more complex than previously planned.

The winner will have to build the sports park next to the ice rink in half a year.

According to public procurement documents, the area to be developed within the entire area of ​​the ice rink is a well-defined area of ​​7600 square metres. During the development, 1,380 shrubs and twenty garden trees are expected to be planted, and 1,145 square meters of grassland will be renovated. They also install benches, sconces, bike racks, and create a first aid point.

IXtremeRegarding the structural structure of the sports park, the individual sections of the course will not appear separately, but in an organic unit, forming a complex unit, the parts of the different courses will be usable at three levels of difficulty – beginner, advanced and professional. The sports that the park will offer include BMX sports, trial, dirtjump, skateboarding, snowboarding and scooter. For sports, it is necessary to make high-quality polished concrete pavements on an area of ​​​​2685 square meters, of which 83 square meters are hand-made slope and curved concrete surfaces.

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Within the currently unused area of ​​the ice rink, approximately 3,300 square meters of paved space will be created for sport and active leisure activities.

A 38-square-foot container building will be built, which will contain locker rooms, a laundry room, a store, and an associated warehouse.

The comprehensive area following the entrance, suitable for all disciplines, is the so-called ‘Plaza’, which features a large continuous and flat paved surface and a varied tiered design. The Plaza evokes the feel of a classic public space, where children and beginners can practice on a flat surface, but can also be interpreted as a reception and community space. The ski part for professionals is the so-called “pool” type track, that is, a sunken curved concrete pool.

the extreme Another large unit in the sports park is the bike park designed for cyclists, which can be divided into three other types of trails: trial, BMX and pump track. The Experience section includes both fixed and mobile experimental items, and the diverse terrain enhances its usability. The pump or pilot path design does not require paved surfaces.

The BMX track is planned to be suitable for national or even international competitions.

They are running a government tender for foster care

The Council also decided that the nurseries on Postakert Street would not be built from a source funded by the Regional and Settlement Development Operational Program, as these funds would not be sufficient; The purchases made resulted in significant additional costs. So the municipality will launch a government tender where you can win a larger amount for nurseries. If you succeed there, they will be able to award a contract to the company with the best offer in current public procurement.

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