We have someone who will lead the new Afghan government

We have someone who will lead the new Afghan government

Abdul Ghani BaradarSources linked to the Islamic political movement said on Friday that one of the founders of the Taliban movement will lead the new Afghan government. The Tolo News Reuters also acquired the Afghan news portal news.

The Islamist group also said on Friday that it would continue to fight the resistance that remained in the Banjir Valley and would also try to prevent an economic collapse. Three different Taliban sources say he will join Baradar in the new government Mohamed Jaqub, the late co-founder of the Taliban, Mullah Omar son and Muhammed Abbas Stanikzai’s secret He is.

All the leaders have arrived in Kabul, where preparations for announcing the formation of the government are still in their final stages.

said a Taliban official, who asked not to be named.

God’s prestige AkhonzadehAnother Taliban source said the Taliban’s top religious leader would focus on religious issues and “Islamic governance.”

The Taliban occupied Kabul on August 15 after overrunning most of the country. Resistance, which was difficult to overcome, was encountered mainly only in the Banjjir Valley, north of the capital, where serious battles and casualties were reported.

Baradar returned to Afghanistan on August 17, two days after the capture of Kabul, having not participated in the tour in twenty years since the fall of Taliban rule in 2001.

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