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We have someone who wants the presidency of the Christian Democratic Union to succeed Merkel’s successor

We have someone who wants the presidency of the Christian Democratic Union to succeed Merkel's successor

True, there was no official vote on it.

The Presidency of the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) will nominate party leader Armin Laschet, prime minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, as a joint advisor to the CDU and the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) in the federal parliament in September (the Bundestag). Elections. Volker Bouvier Deputy Prime Minister of Hesse Land in Berlin on Monday. In a statement after the office meeting, the vice president said all board members would fire Armin Laschet. He said there had been no vote on the issue, but that it had not been planned.

After the presidency, discussions continued in the party’s broader governing body, the Electoral College, which yielded its results Paul Zimak General Secretary Armin Lachtel He said in a joint briefing, that it was considered that further consultations with the CSU were needed and that Armin Laschet was mandated to do so. The Secretary-General emphasized that there is widespread support in the ruling bodies of the party for the idea of ​​the party leader being a candidate for the position of the Christian Democratic Union / Christian Social Union advisor.

Armin Laschet added that he is pleased with the support. He stressed that neither the presidency nor the board of directors made a formal decision, but the goal was not that either, but rather to determine the flow of opinions. The CDU president said it is absolutely certain that everyone in the CDU wants to close the issue quickly because it is not personal issues that need to be addressed, but the important tasks facing the party and country alliance, adding that he will try so. Talk to the CSU President on Monday. Marcus SudrellTo inform your party’s position.

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Soder is the most popular one

After Sunday’s meeting of the leadership of the joint Bundestag faction in Berlin, it was announced that the CDU president and Marcus Söder, who is also the prime minister of the province of Bavaria, were also ready to take on the role of the chancellor. Söder said it is up to CDU, as a senior member of the coalition, to decide which of the two to start. The schedule and deadline for completing the selection process has not been set.

Marcus Söder’s personal popularity far exceeds that of Armin Lachite, who cut off his regional legislative campaign (Landtag) to low popularity in 2017 and, under his leadership, ultimately defeated the Social Democratic Party (SPD) for the seventh year in a row. In this regard, Armin Laschet noted at a news briefing in Berlin on Monday that the popularity indicators reflecting the views of the electorate are very fluctuating.

CSU will not allow you

The CSU leadership also met in Munich on Monday afternoon to discuss the selection of the Chancellor’s candidate. At the press conference after the meeting Marcus Blume The Secretary-General said that board members, without exception, support Marcus Söder as a candidate for the position of chancellor. Referring to the survey data, the Secretary-General emphasized that the leadership of the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union have now registered their position, but that the very clear views of the majority of the population should be taken into account.

Marcus Söder said he respected the CDU leaders ’decision, but said that a party coalition could only be run from above.

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The possibility of exchanging views and holding consultations and negotiations should be expanded in the coming days. The CSU President made it clear that these will not be easy days, but the decision is important and you should not be rushed. He added that he expects to be able to speak to a colleague at CDU over the phone on Monday about how to push the process forward and they can make a point at the end of the case this week.

According to Marcus Blume and Marcus Söder, a concrete next step could be to create a reconciliation forum where the CDU and Christian Social Union politicians will attempt to gain access to generosity.

Usually CDU gives the candidate

The Chancellor’s nomination has no legal effect because the German Prime Minister is not elected by the electorate but by the Bundestag. Nominating a candidate is a political decision that conveys to the electorate the message that a particular party – or party alliance – serves to lead the next German government to their candidate. The chancellor’s candidate is also the main actor in the party’s election campaign, regardless of who is the leader of the party or who the leaders of a particular party union are.

Twice in the history of the CDU / CSU, the CDU party was not nominated in 15 of the 16 provinces, but the CSU in only 16 provinces in Bavaria. So in 1980 Franz Joseph Strauss CSU President, Bavarian Prime Minister, 2002 Edmund Stoiber The president of the CSU, the Bavarian prime minister was the chancellor’s candidate. Although the CDU / CSU party did well in the Bundestag elections on both occasions, receiving more votes from all parties in 1980 and only six thousand votes behind the SPD in 2002, it remained in opposition Both times.

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