We have someone who can take over Mitsubishi dealers in UK

It is also assumed that thanks to last year’s three-year plans for Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi to conduct more cost-effective operations, Mitsubishi will leave the UK at the end of October this year. The company is now in talks with a company called International Motors (IM) to take over IM services for Mitsubishi in the UK.

IM currently represents the brands of Subaru and Isuzu and imports in the island country, as well as servicing and supplying spare parts. The latter two will certainly be theirs for Mitsubishi cars as well, starting in October, and the function is said to be easily integrated into IM’s existing logistics network.

Everyone is satisfied

The mandate for Colt Car, which acts as the importer for Mitsubishi, will expire in October. Rob Lindley, CEO of the company, believes that IM will be well suited to supply parts to existing and remaining Mitsubishi dealerships.

IM said it would have a good chance to perform the Mitsubishi distribution tasks, Logistics Automotive has written.

Although its role in Europe is declining, Japanese OEMs are not withdrawing from continental Europe; It will also produce new models at the Renault plant in the future.

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