We have locations that can host sprints next year

We have locations that can host sprints next year

Team bosses met the F1 leaders at the Saudi circuit and one of the topics of their regular meeting on Saturday was sprinting. Although F1’s ideas are still nascent and there is no vote yet on whether the concept should continue to be applied, several key details appear to be emerging.

a Motorsport.com Several sources have confirmed which of the six sites would like Formula 1 to race in 2022, and they are: Bahrain, Imola, Canada, Austria, Netherlands, Brazil.

In addition, financial issues were discussed. The news is that teams are generally happy with sprint coordination, so the main question is what financial rules should apply to these events.

This year, teams received extra money if their car was damaged during a sprint, as damage to the car can be a very significant additional cost, which would be less likely on a regular timer.

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a Motorsport.com According to its sources, F1 would like this reimbursement to be replaced with a set fee, but the teams differ on how this fits into a pre-set cost cap.

Teams that are close to the budget cap would like the exact amount to be added to the budget cap amount, while stables running on a smaller budget would be happier if teams simply received the extra amount.

According to the original proposal, this would be $500,000 per race, about 160 million forints, for a maximum of five races, with additional payouts for other races.

The question of money is seen by many teams as key to continued coordination, so agreement on this issue needs to be agreed before F1 can discuss other changes.

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A staff member of one of the teams said in this regard: “It would not be acceptable to lose money because we participate in sprints,” the source said. Motorsportnac.

While talks are about money for now, Formula One management has told the teams that if the issue is resolved, the sport will make other sprint adjustments as well. The ideas being floated are for the top ten to get points, not just the top three.

Formula 1 also wants the FIA ​​to change the rules so that the driver who wins the official pole is the fastest driver in Friday’s ‘normal’ test period at the weekend.

F1 will also have further discussions with the teams about whether the races will be independent or whether they will continue to play a grid-building role for Sunday’s main race.

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