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We have, from now on, which sports the government spends the most on

We have, from now on, which sports the government spends the most on

Adam Schmidt stated that the planned restructuring of this program had already been discussed at the press conference of the new leadership of the Hungarian Sports Administration in June, which has now been finalized, in consultation with the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB), and the Hungarian Paralympic Committee. (MPB) and national sports federations.

The Minister of State said: “When we reviewed the previous program, we saw that it should not be limited to only 16 sports, so we included all Olympic sports in five different categories.”

When ranking, in addition to the results so far, they also took into account the potential of each sport in terms of contributing to the success of the Hungarian pentathlon in the coming period.

  • To the first category After selection according to pre-defined criteria, those Olympic sports were listed as “due to the high level of elaboration of their structure, professional operation and talent management system, there is a high chance of winning medals in the next two Olympic Games”. In this category Wrestling, rowing, swimming, fencing, water polo and snowboarding I entered.
  • To the second category The next two five-a-side matches will likely involve scoring sports, which is already the case Athletics, juggling, cycling, handball, pentathlon, archery, triathlon and sailing.
  • In the third category, 14 other sports are included, which, based on the established criteria, can be expected to have a points-scoring position in the next two Olympics “in some cases”.
  • Eight sports have been divided into Category 4, which may be able to earn quotas and possibly points in a six-year period starting with the 2028 Olympics (two summer and two winter games).
  • There are nine sports in Category 5, in which “on the basis of their current situation and opportunities, qualification for the Olympic Games at the professional level cannot be expected, or even is possible.”
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Adam Schmidt also talked about the fact that in June they set among their goals the reduction of bureaucracy and the increase of efficiency in state sports management, and for this purpose they developed a new system, which the government adopted in October and submitted to Parliament on the 2nd of next November.

Among her “commitments” in June, the Minister of State referred to securing the future of the TAO program with a license that expires on June 30, 2023. He said in this regard, the preparation process has been completed, and the necessary documents have been sent to Brussels on November 9, and they are awaiting the union's response. European.

Adam Schmidt noted that in the case of the National Sports Museum, they believe it has the right to exist, and also stated that they will do everything in their power to get plans for the museum approved by the end of next year.

The Minister of State also spoke of the desire to bring locally organized international sporting events closer to the community, a prime example of which will be next year's World Athletics Championships. He listed the problem of operating water facilities among the previously invisible, now extraordinary tasks, and announced that they had received three billion forints in non-refundable government aid to deal with the situation.

Among his current tasks, Adam Schmidt mentioned supporting prominent sports federations in the capital and rural areas, which he said has been successful. In addition, the athletes' awards must be arranged, because – he said – the Hungarian competitors had a wonderfully successful year. In this case, additional funds were needed, but they have arrived, so the backlog is expected to be resolved by the end of the year.

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Regarding the operation of the sports academies, they plan to pay the fourth quarter operating support by November 30. “We don't know the exact numbers yet,” Adam Schmidt said, because although the 2023 budget has already been approved, it will change due to the current global economic situation.

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