We have a place and when the Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers will meet

We have a place and when the Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers will meet

It is scheduled to meet on Thursday Sergey Lavrov Russian and Dmitro Koleba The Ukrainian Foreign Minister said in Antalya, Turkey Maria Zaharova Russian Foreign Affairs spokesman in Moscow on Monday.

Zharova said about the meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin Russian and Recep Tayyip Erdogan An agreement was reached during a telephone meeting with the Turkish president on Sunday. About the agreement Mavlut CavusogluThe head of Turkish diplomacy was the first to mention it.

A private meeting between Lavrov and Kuleba will be provided by a diplomatic forum in Antalya.

The third round of Russian-Ukrainian talks is scheduled to be held in Belarus on Monday. According to the Russian news channel Rossiya 24, delegations from Moscow and Kiev arrived at the meeting place in the Belovezhskaya-Pushka National Park.

Vladimir MijinskyThe Russian presidential adviser, head of the Russian delegation, stated that he will once again try to reach an agreement with the Ukrainian side on the operation of humanitarian corridors from the besieged Ukrainian cities.

Dmitriy PeskovA Kremlin spokesman said Moscow could halt the Russian offensive “at any time” if Kyiv met conditions.

  • Among them, listed the constitutionality of the fact that Ukraine will not be a member of military alliances
  • Crimea is a member of Russia, which was annexed in 2014.
  • and recognition of the independence of the separatist “republics” of the Donetsk Basin.


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