Our colleagues visited the southern Great Plains, in Vieques County, and on the way they noticed a recent series from 2002. For Suzuki SwiftWhich brought the team to a halt. The car almost left the parking lot.

I've kept the younger, more valuable cars, and they're in great shape. The rear axles are also nicely blown out, there's no rust on the body, the paint is so smooth that a swab can slide off it, and there's not even brake dust on the rims. That's why they say “it has an owner.”

This is a more naturally attractive model than the “field” Swifts: a nice three-door design, with more comfortable sports seats, and advanced GS equipment.

After the 101bhp naturally aspirated Swift GTi at the time, it's the most powerful block a Swift hatchback could get (not the 96bhp sedan, which was also produced). The 86bhp 16-valve engine flies in a car that weighs just 820kg on the move.

We found the most beautiful Suzuki 2 in the country.

With the Suzuki Swift 1.3 GS, the owner, whom we unfortunately do not know, chose a wonderful basis even for an OT car, but we really congratulate him on his accuracy, with the help of which he keeps his car in such a beautiful condition that all car lovers are satisfied.

We found the most beautiful Suzuki 3 in the country

These models from around 2002 are traded at home for a few hundred thousand forints, in much worse technical condition. Such a pure copy is not worth selling at the moment, and the owner will not get what it is really worth anyway.