We found out that the government should only guarantee 2.6 billion HUF for the Hockey World Cup

This is a fraction of what we have spent public funds on sporting events in the last period, and the Hungarian Ice Hockey Association will also pay for it.

Yesterday, we wrote in detail how the government, according to our government sources, has not yet given a guarantee to the Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation (MJSZ) to organize the 2023 Group A World Championship due to savings.

We are progressing to the event with Slovenia. The government’s decision surprised everyone, until now it was considered proof that if there is an opportunity to organize a global sporting event, we apply for it, and

So far, politics has dealt with the issue on the basis of “money doesn’t matter.”

Until now, it was not known how much it would cost Hungary to host the World Cup in Group A, but our newspaper found out

2.6 billion HUF was included in the joint Hungarian-Slovenian tender.

The amount is a fraction of the 7.8 billion the government spent staging the three stages of the Giro d’Italia in Hungary, and dwarfs the 31 billion HUF that will be spent on the wet world championships starting in June.

In addition, MJSZ will request funds for pre-financing, which it will pay back after the event.

Although the International Ice Hockey Federation has already declared that it considers the Hungarian-Slovenian bid null and void without a government guarantee,

But on Wednesday night there seemed to be a turning point in the matter.

National Sports Online it written by“The ever-informed expert on Canadian sports channel TSN, Gord Miller, reports from Helsinki that the newly formed Hungarian Cabinet is said to be willing to offer the hitherto missing government guarantee necessary for the event at the last minute.”

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Udam Fodor, director of communications at MJSZ, told the newspaper that the two ice hockey federations – as we wrote earlier – want the International Hockey Federation, given the exceptional situation, to postpone the decision set for Friday or at least give a guarantee of a deadline until the vote to replace.

“Meanwhile, active contacts are being made with the newly formed government, in order to convince them beyond reasonable doubt of the low risks and high profitability of bidding, subject to the prevailing legal constraints. We have not given up on hosting the World Cup next year, but unfortunately our chances are not so rosy after all. this “

Adam Fodor said.

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