We drove: 2023 Mitsubishi ASX

Compared to the fact that the ASX was born with minimal changes to the Captur’s foundations, the press release generously states that “the new ASX is based on the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance’s CMF-B floorboard, so it has all the advantages of shared value creation.”

Not only does it share a production site with one of Renault’s Spanish factories in Valladolid. The other Japanese brand of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance has not retuned the chassis or modified the steering, nor has it introduced additional quality control circuits into the production ASX.

The ASX has been in production since 2010, with several model updates

Advance payment with Outlander at the time It is built on a common floor plate, which is why all-wheel drive is given to some versions of the model, while the new ASX is almost always front-wheel drive. As with most other brands, there is no naturally aspirated engine in the petrol models, and both engines are turbocharged petrol, but in the hybrids, a naturally aspirated engine is combined with electric machinery.

The basic version with the three-cylinder petrol engine has a capacity of 999 cubic centimeters and a power of 91 horsepower. The 1333 cc four-cylinder petrol engine also has a constant blade geometry turbocharger, which is made more economical by a 12-volt plug-in hybrid system with a small lithium-ion battery and starter-generator, not in theory.

Here, instead of a six-speed manual transmission, you can also order a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. In this case, the engine doesn’t have 140, but 158, and with more skillful doses of the clutch, it didn’t result in the unpleasantly sudden, wheel-spinning start I experienced at the Captur’s start so early. 2020. There is little difference in torque between the 1.3 engine versions, 260 and 270 Nm respectively.

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It is easy to see that there are no pins for the other two relays in the plug-in hybrid charging connector. The battery can be charged at a maximum of 3.7 kW from one stage, but it still takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge it.

It’s a big deal in this class that the car is also made in a fully self-contained hybrid and plug-in hybrid, also using Renault technology. Both full hybrids have automatic transmissions, both can accelerate and drive only with an electric motor. In the smooth hybrid, the 39-kilogram lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 1.26 kWh, and the maximum drive system performance is 105 kW / 143 PS.

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The HEV model always starts with a 35 kW (47.6 hp) electric motor, which saves the clutch from damaged parts. Silent acceleration continues until the energy content of the hybrid system’s battery drops below a preset level.

Then the 97hp petrol engine kicks in and, depending on the situation, either engages the drive itself, or uses a 15kW electric machine, which acts as a starter and generator, to generate electricity for the electric motor, which moves the ASX Hybrid autonomously.

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The manufacturer gives a purely electric range of 47-49 km city and 62-64 km city for the ASX Plug-in Hybrid

The drivetrain in the plug-in hybrid works the same way, with 1,596 cc and 91 hp of sucked-in petrol, but the starter-generator is more powerful and the electric drive machine is also more powerful. The first has 23 kW, and the other 50, that is, 68 horsepower. Of course, the high-voltage hybrid battery is also not the same. The battery belonging to the 159-horsepower drive system is 10464 kWh and weighs 102.5 kg.

There are also two mechanical gearboxes in the amazingly perceptive transmission. In a construction similar to a manual gearbox, the electromechanical structure automatically drives the four-speed gearbox linked to the internal combustion engine and the two-speed gearbox linked to the electric motor – Miklós Gajdán wrote about this earlier. Here you can read about how synchronization works in claw-type gearboxes, which the talented driver used to solve without squealing, by double-clutching when shifting and giving gas injection with good sense when reversing.

It’s interesting how slower the plug-in hybrid is with roughly the same peak performance on paper as the 1.33 petrol. The top speed of the ready-to-drive 1631 kg PHEV is only 170 km / h, and with its time of 10.1 seconds it accelerates from 0 to 100 worse than the weaker full hybrid (9.9 seconds) and petrol 1.33 (8.5 seconds).

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There is also an ASX with rear disc and drum brakes. Drum brakes are subtly covered with a steel wheel disc that looks like an alloy rim, but is actually a textured disc

The rear drum brake is both visually and technically problematic. A 9.0-inch disc brake slows the rear wheels of petrol and full-hybrid models, only the battery plug-in hybrid gets rear disc brakes and electric handbrake operation.

Because the 17-inch steel rim is covered with a wheel disc that looks like an alloy rim with tiny holes, the drum brakes don’t wobble like they did on previous Clios. It slows down worse than disc brakes, but because of the tail, which is softened by overloading, this has more theoretical significance, but it is a more durable design that requires less maintenance.

The driver support systems expected today are also available for the ASX, including distance-keeping adaptive cruise control, which works with stop-and-go automatic transmission and starts again in line. Depending on the equipment, the vehicle may have a lane departure warning system and an active steering lane keeping system.

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The hybrid engines have a naturally aspirated petrol engine, while the regular petrol engines are equipped with a turbocharged Otto engine between 91 and 159 hp

The latter tries to drive the car into the center line of the track, and of course the driver must hold the steering wheel. With the steering wheel released, it turns off after 45 seconds, at least that’s how long it takes you to Captur. There is a pedestrian detection emergency braking system, which also interacts with cyclists and tries to avoid collisions with other vehicles with autonomous emergency braking if the driver does not heed warnings.

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