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We don't know why, but someone is working on an offline version of The Day Before

We don't know why, but someone is working on an offline version of The Day Before

Despite the previous day's scandal, the game may be getting an unofficial version that will let you experience this nonsense even after the game is deleted.

12/28/2023 – Yes, I was also one of those who really wished The Day Before was a really good game. Today we know that didn't happen, in fact, the developers threw a piece of feces in front of paying players, which was then deleted, and the studio disappeared. Naturally, a huge scandal arose around the title, as everyone was given an unplayable title after promises.

I didn't even understand how keys and accounts where the game was still available could be sold for hundreds of dollars before the official server of the game was shut down, but after the Steam page was deleted. Who else wanted to play with this? I keep asking this when some seem

They want to save the title in an offline version.

Offline the day before?

and about GameRant It has been reported that a player is currently working on the day-ahead version, which aims to allow players to experience the “exceptional experience” offline. Yes, it's surprising that after The Day Before was officially shut down, some people still want to play the game.

Luci0 shared an in-progress image on Twitter, which suggests the development of a crack that will allow us to experience the game offline, even after the servers go down. Naturally, the unofficial version does not have a release date, but it seems that there will be demand for it.

It's not entirely clear who would want to play such a game, but some people would certainly pay hundreds of dollars for it after such a huge scandal surrounding it. Maybe they have their own experience with it. During Fntastic, the developer began deleting everything related to the game from the network. The day before Discord channels were shut down, YouTube content was removed, and even the studio head deleted himself from Twitter. The studio eventually announced that it would be shutting down, and the publisher announced that the TDB servers would shut down on January 22, 2024.

Despite the scandal, the unexpected development of the unofficial offline version proves that players are still interested in it.

Have you seen this before?

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