We can taste assassination free for a little while

We can taste assassination free for a little while

According to the Hitman 3 test, it was also a great game, even if it had its own flaws. However, we can forgive them for that, as we can filter our goals in the most diverse way in the areas that have been developed more than ever before. Hitman fans are sure to be on their way through several plays already, completing the various challenges well, respectively, but for those who are still unsure and haven’t gotten into Part 3, the Free Starter Pack is a good show and a better start!

The Hitman 3: Free Starter Pack is available for free starting March 30th today Epic Games Store-ból, a Playstation store-ból Or the From the Microsoft Store. This package includes the preliminary assignment in Dubai, in which we must perform our duties professionally in the tallest skyscraper in the world. We can also play the mission that unlocks Hitman 2, an episode in Hawke’s Bay, for free.

The free starter pack will remain free, however, and we will only be able to tour the Dubai Skyscraper until April 5th. After April 5, we will have access to the ICA facility, including training status and challenges. Of course, experience points and rewards earned during the so-called “trial period” can be transferred to the entire game if you purchase them.

You should also get the free Starter Pack because Interactive IO designs To add other missions from the world of assassination, such as the Hitman trilogy, for a limited time in the near future. These could also be tracks belonging to the main storyline or Elusive Target’s quests, so IOI pulls the honeycomb on to potential assassins. All of the free content available in the Free Starter Pack is also available for Hitman 3 players, and for those who only own Hitman 1-2, the good news is that with the Free Starter Pack, they can actually upgrade the previous two episodes to Part 3 level (visual improvement can be expected in the place the first). This means we can browse and save previous Hitmans tracks in the Free Starter Pack and play with them within. Those who care about this thing are They can start the process here.

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Hitman 3 was also released on January 20 this year for PC (Stadia), PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Keep in mind that a new series of tasks focusing on the Seven Principal Sins began today as well – you can read more about this here.

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