We can say goodbye to Messenger | 24 h

They’re rebuilding the app into the Facebook interface.

Nine years after the Meta separated its Messenger and Facebook apps, the company has announced that it will reunite the two platforms, according to reports Engadget. Tom Allisonhead of facebook ShownAs a result, we will soon be able to access our Messenger inbox within the Facebook app.

In 2014, the company removed Messenger functionality from the Facebook app, specifically with the goal of separating the two platforms. The reunification effort came to light as early as 2020, when the service provider made it necessary to create a Facebook profile to use Messenger. It is not yet known if the messaging functionality will return to Facebook in the browser version as well.

At the moment, the function is only being tested in a small circle, but the modification may soon affect more people. In addition, it can also be integrated into the Facebook application so that we can also send Instagram messages.

One of the main reasons Meta Messages is back in the Facebook app is to make it easier for people to share what they discover on Facebook with their friends. However, the mod must also have been affected by TikTok. Due to the competition with the Chinese social app, Meta is expanding its platforms amazingly.

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