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We can run the first scan from the browser! [VIDEO]

We can run the first scan from the browser! [VIDEO]

The developer of the browser version asked Sony not to remove his project, citing copyright claims, unless he himself developed a real mod from the now unused IP …

Encouraged by the leak, Dominic Szablewski sat down for the browser mod. wipEout’s source code leaked in 2022 and he recompiled it and it’s playable! Szablewski also honestly wrote a long blog post about development, and he didn’t hold back: he described the quality of the source code as terrible, and it mainly contained the code of the ATI 3D Rage Edition version of wipEout. This was a version for PC (Windows) that was packaged for some ATI video cards. (AMD has since acquired ATI.)

Szablewski believed that every port of the game (PlayStation PAL, PlayStation NTSC, PC DOS, Windows 95, ATI Rage Edition) was pulled from the previous version, so piecing together the original, basic code was not an easy task for him. The first part of the franchise was released by the British company Psygnosis for PlayStation in 1995 and was a success, so in 2017 the Wipeout Omega collection (which included wipEout HD, wipEout HD Fury and wipEout 2048) was released on PlayStation 4 (later) receiving support PlayStation VR) came as no surprise, but the series deserves more.

The franchise, which was quickly making its way among anti-gravity racing games at the time, came out on PC even then, so perhaps the Wipeout Omega collection could be ported here, but since Sony isn’t doing very well in sales these days (Sackboy: The Big Adventure and especially in the case of the Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart port), that probably never will, so Szablewski filled in a gap that shouldn’t exist…

Szablewski wrote that there are still many old and new bugs to fix and he is working on implementing additional features. If we want to help him, we must find the project’s Github page, copy his code and build it ourselves. Finally, he left a message for Sony: If anyone at the company reads what he wrote, consider the two equally good options. You either have to leave his work or remove it, but then you start a real remake that he wants to work on too.

We hope Sony doesn’t follow Nintendo’s destructive lead.

source: VGC

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