We can prepare for a 2D and 3D theatrical adventure in Phantom Hellcat

We can prepare for a 2D and 3D theatrical adventure in Phantom Hellcat

gamescom 2022

At gamescom, we took a closer look at the upcoming Ironbird Creations game.

05.09.2022 22:49 | Greg | Classification: gamescom 2022

How can a game be 2D and 3D at the same time? The All in! Toys Its own in-house studio, that is Ironbeard creations We can find out from his next game. The Phantom Hellcat It was introduced at Gamescom and we had the opportunity to take a closer look.

The game takes place in a cursed theater, where our hero, wild Jolene, ventures. But there is good reason for that, because the evil that haunts the place – whatever it may be – has captured his mother. So Jolene sets out on a journey through the ever-changing cursed theater to free it.

The Phantom Hellcat won’t actually switch between dimensions, only camera views. When we encounter half a dozen opponents in an arena at the same time, we will be able to control our sword-wielding heroine from the rear view. But there will also be skill stages in the game that can be completed in the classic side view.

On the tracks, you can also set an enemy trap, where you can drop stage props or hanging backdrops. But in general, we have very creative spaces, because everything happens in one big theater. Accordingly, different plays put different environments and opponents in our path. What seems like a remote scene at an early stage, could later become the actual location for our further adventures.

The creators of Phantom Hellcat revealed that the character Jolene is very important to them. Contrary to today’s trends, they try to sexualize him as little as possible, which will be reflected in his appearance. In addition to the PC, the game is being prepared for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One, but it has not yet received a release date. ■

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