We can only watch a tenth of all Netflix shows at home

We can only watch a tenth of all Netflix shows at home

Out of more than a thousand series from the Netflix video library, only 171 are available in Hungary.

It was already clear to Hungarian subscribers that Netflix, which has been available in Hungary since January 6, has a smaller offer than the original. Exactly how much of that was revealed recently.

a finder.com has compiled statistics about What percentage of the total supply is available in different countries. While in the United States, subscribers can watch the 1157 series,

Until then, only 171 titles could be selected in Hungary.

Out of 4,593 films, 548 films can be watched.

There are places where it is less than that

More content is missing from the local interface. These are the shows on British channels such as BBC and Top Gear. For example, since the American version is full of cartoons and anime, the Hungarians got about ten in the beginning. The difference between the two achievements is well illustrated by the fact that there are almost half as many genres: while there are 20 categories on the list in America, there are only 11 categories of musicals or religious content.

It is clear that nearly half of the number of species on the listSource: Origo

However, it is no worse for us: in Morocco there are 39 series and 118 films to watch. We also have a smaller selection among other things In Thailand, Hong Kong, North Korea, Russia and India.

Why is it so?

The long-term goal of the service is to make the same offer available to everyone, but there is still a long way to go. The main reason for this is that in different countries

Each series is owned by other rights holders, Therefore it cannot be broadcast by the service.

For example, it is possible that the movie House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey has not yet been shown in Hungary because since the spring of 2014, Sony Pictures Owns International broadcasting rights. The Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning series will soon be shown on Danube TV.

What is Netflix and how do you sign up for it?

Netflix is ​​the world’s largest streaming provider, which will be available in Hungary from January 6th. The point is that we get access to the library for a certain monthly fee: no content downloads are required, and videos can be played instantly from the server.

The site’s language is still English for now, as are translations, sounds, and descriptions but

They can already be used in Hungary for 2500-3800 fort per month.

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