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We can finally get rid of the most annoying feature of Netflix

We can finally get rid of the most annoying feature of Netflix

Who subscribed to Netflix Lots of movies and even series shot in Hungary, like The Witcher, I.e. a ghee – foam. However, upon logging into your user account, an excerpt from the recommended work immediately starts in the top position, and as we scroll down the other two similar proposals at the page level shake the nerves of users who are curious about the movie or series only two lines down.

Likewise, if you watch a series, say, at the end of that episode, the recommendation for the next episode will immediately start persuading viewers to keep using the service. However, according to Netflix, many users are alarmed by this development, but there have been no major changes to the Netflix user interface in recent years.

Thankfully, that’s now over, prof Boeing Boeing This is because, according to his information, the streaming service provider will finally allow users to decide for themselves whether or not they want autoplay.

The solution is a little wrapped, insofar as it is not available from a smartphone or tablet – more precisely than the Netflix app – but our user account must be logged in via a computer or our smart device’s browser. In the latter case, you should also set it to display the “desktop” version of the website, not the mobile optimized version.

If you have this, you can click on Manage Profiles to select the user account settings you want to change. That is, it is possible for each family member to use the preparation that he deems appropriate. After selecting the appropriate account or profile, the following window will appear, where you can enable or disable autoplay for previews and subsequent episodes by clicking on the boxes at the beginning of the bottom two rows.

You can turn Netflix autoplay on or off in Edit Profile.

Netflix recommenders work a little oddly anyway, as we can see a classic preview or details of a specific action. I even asked why this during our interview last October Dorotia Sekele, Head of Marketing at Netflix EMEA, who then said that based on user feedback, they decide which movie or series they choose from here, we send a message to Netflix to make this optional, if requested, given that the details are not contextual. Unlike previews, they often don’t reveal much about the chosen work.

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