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We can expect an exciting scene in the next season of The Crown – Netflix published a photo – Coloré

We can expect an exciting scene in the next season of The Crown – Netflix published a photo – Coloré

Carolee and Camila’s wedding is coming up

Prince Charles And Camilla Parker Bowles His wedding will be part of the upcoming season of Netflix’s The Crown. The streaming service shared a promotional image for Season 6 with fans, which shows WeddingYou can see a crossing extension.

It was already possible to guess that Karolyi’s second wedding would also be included in the last season Dominic West And Olivia Williams He was spotted in costume in Rochester, England. Karolyi and Camilla married in April 2005 at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

The crown will expire this year

The detailed depiction of the wedding in Season 6 of The Crown is also interesting, because Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding was previously only seen in episodes. then Emma CorrinShe, who played Princess Diana when she was younger, revealed that she thought it was not necessary to show the wedding, as anyone could watch it on YouTube.

You can watch it in ten seconds, so I don’t think there’s any point in recreating it.

Josh O’ConnorYoung Karolyi added:

That’s why the crown is so good. Peter Morgan doesn’t care about showing you the wedding, because Emma’s right, just go to YouTube and watch it.

He then explained that most of the historical events were included in the series only so that the viewer would roughly know how much we could write at the moment.

I think all historical events are important because of the timeline so viewers know where we stand. He announced Thatcher’s election, and it was literally just to say to the audience, >>Okay, here we go<، بدلاً من كتابة >>1981 on screen. December 20<<, or whatever. It represents the story mainly with historical events. But what's even more interesting is that because Charles and Diana have to act a certain way on their wedding day, we don't see the nuances; Whereas when this is done behind closed doors, [mint] With rehearsal, we get more freedom in creativity and imagination.

the crown Season sixThis will be the final stage of the series. We don’t know an exact premiere date yet, but in the post, Netflix promised that the series will end this year, so it’s expected to be in 2023.

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