We can already enjoy the benefits of Debrecen City Card in nearly thirty places

We can already enjoy the benefits of Debrecen City Card in nearly thirty places

Speaking at the press conference held on Monday to promote the initiative, he said the Debrecen city card could become really popular now, with the easing of the pandemic, through the resumption of festivals and events.

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It turns out clearly: our money hurts the left tooth

A year ago, we announced the Debrecen City Card program, which we initially coined as an identity card. We wanted to make it good for locals to live in Debrecen and for city dwellers to always feel first”

Debrecen Deputy Mayor Diana Zell confirmed, adding that providers are now joining the initiative. – The first and most important place of admission was the beach, we timed the start of the city card for opening, so locals – like other spa towns – got discounts.

Photo: Peter Molnar

– Anno, the epidemic has passed our calculations, since the events for which we wanted to prepare with discounts can only be realized now. When we announced the program, many providers immediately indicated that they would participate. Life, the economy was re-launched, and service providers re-emerged. So far, there have been eight admission points in the city, including sports organizations, a beach and cultural park, and an outdoor stage, and with service providers we can already advertise 28 admission points and negotiate with other partners, those confirmed. are services.

It turns out that the card has already been replaced by 16,000, but with the advent of events and providers, this can double.

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They also think of tourists

Gábor Gődény, Managing Director of VisitDebrecen, confirmed at the press conference that a version intended for tourists could be released at a later date. – It is valuable for a service provider to join the program because VisitDebrecen can provide them with a communication interface. In addition to the manual presentation of the card, it is also possible that they use a card reader system, so that they can check the traffic generated in this way. In the long run, we want to use cross-promotion to get locals to move from their favorite coffee shop to their favorite flower shop or restaurant, and think of some kind of network. In addition, this poster is a guarantee that the place provides quality service – Gábor Gődény concluded, adding that VisitDebrecen’s primary mission is to bring tourists into the city, but it is also important not to take the place too far from the residents.

Photo: Peter Molnar

– There will also be a tourist version of this city card, Debrecen City Card, in order to control the flow of visitors not only to the city, but also to the surrounding areas (Hortobágy, Lake Tisza). However, given the pandemic, this won’t happen until sometime in 2022, he said.


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