We can actually get over a temperature of 1.5 degrees in 5 years

While the Paris Agreement wants to keep global warming below one and a half degrees by the year 2100, the World Meteorological Organization’s annual climate report says we can surpass that level in less than 5 years. Bloomberg.

It has a 40 percent chance of being warmer than the pre-industrial temperature in one of the next five years.

We are reaching the minimum goals set in the Paris Agreement in a measurable and deterministic way

This is another warning sign that there is a need to act as quickly and decisively as possible, said Petri Tullas, Secretary-General of WHO.


Last year was 1.2 degrees warmer than the pre-industrial average, the highest temperature ever measured in 2016.

The past seven years have been the seventh hottest since records began and there is a 90 percent chance of breaking the record so far between 2021 and 2025.

According to the Secretary-General, all of this has serious health implications, but it also puts the environment and food safety at stake. All this could lead to more tropical storms in the Atlantic.

The southwestern part of North America may be drier, while the Sahel region of Africa and Australia may be drier this year than the 1980-2010 average.

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