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We bake it twice and it’s so good: the fried sourdough option you have to try!

We bake it twice and it’s so good: the fried sourdough option you have to try!

Double Taste Breadcrumbs: Our theme is fried sourdough cucumbers. In the end, don’t leave the recipe behind either!

This year we met for the first time on the southern shore of Lake Balaton, in Zamardi With fried sourdough cucumber. The multi-award winning Tiki Beach Bistro buffet has been on the menu for years. They’re never too far from venturing off the beaten path, and pickles are a real inspiration in the Tiki kitchen. In 2019, they won Balaton Beach Food of the Year with their sauerkraut soup with salmon and dill oil, but the Tiki Bike and Roll, pulled pork wrapped in corn tortillas with tzatziki made with pickled cucumber, was also nominated. (In 2022, by the way, the bistro succeeded again, their pig’s ear salad became beach food of the year, and they took home a special award for sustainability for their vegan cottage cheese pancakes.)

A quantity of pickled cucumbers is sold at the Zamard Buffet in a Caribbean setting that can be seen with the naked eye. From Zsuzsi Orbán-JuhászHow did the beach crowd socializing over flaming hake, we asked one of the venue’s owners, accept the unusual form of sourdough cucumber: pickled in breadcrumbs, served hot?

“We also think the fried sourdough option is a crazy idea. It’s not even from us. One of our guests asked, Why don’t we do this? We were on for it, and it has since become such a favorite that we keep it on the menu. By the way, our guest who came up with the idea came across this dish.” First time at a breakfast place in Pest, Kaptafa. Zsuzi said from Tikki.

Inspirational Kaptafa / Photo: Kaptafa Brunch

The author of these lines is also from Akácfa utca Captava BranchIn, he first tasted fried sourdough cucumber, which has spread around town even as a hangover cure, and it’s no coincidence that it’s served at the breakfast bar in the party area.

Since then, more and more beautiful variations can be found all over the country, especially around holiday resorts. This is a really nice piece of gourmet also from the catchment area on the south shore of Lake Balaton, located under the bridge of the Kőröshegy valley. Foolgehead Kitchen and Meadow It is served with feta cheese foam and soft dill.

Gourmet Mode / Image: Völgyhíd Konyha & Rét

Several questions arise regarding the food: Can a traditionally eaten cold pickle be stir-fried or hot? Isn’t that disgusting? And a technical question: Isn’t pickled fur soaked in soup? Answers in order: yes, no, and no. But let’s look at it in more detail!

The mistake we can make is if the cucumber wets the coat. Then a layer of juice will form around the cucumber, which will not ripen and can go in the trash. So the first task is to drain the juice from the cucumber. Depending on the size of the pickled cucumber, cut it lengthwise into halves or fours, and drain the juice from the pickle with a paper towel. Let’s start working with it only after the liquid is lost.

Fried sauerkraut with spicy mayonnaise / Photo: Hajnal Stevie (Stefania), Tamas Budur, Nosalte itelphoto

You can also prepare the bread the traditional way, such as if you were frying meatballs or deep-fried pretzels. However, pickled cucumbers can withstand two layers of fur, so the skin will be really crispy.

nlc. Tip: This is how you can increase the amount of fried sourdough!

Do you know fried jalapeno peppers? This idea reminds me a bit of this: wrap cucumbers in good quality cheese and bake them like that! For this you will need soft and semi-skimmed cheese. All you need is real, high-quality cheese without the plastic!

However, fried pickled cucumbers are well made with panko crumbs. After the flour and beaten eggs, fold in the larger panko crumbs. Japan’s crumb spread has no additional ingredients, it’s based on stale bread just like Hungarian’s homemade crumb (in fact, it’s even possible to make panko crumb at home). Japanese stir-fried meat, tonkatsu, is also prepared in a panko coating.

Fried Pickled Cucumber Dipping Tips:

  • Chili Mayonnaise (recipe below)
  • Tender lemon and yogurt with dill
  • Parsley sour cream
  • Tartar sauce
  • BBQ sauce

Fried sourdough cucumber recipe


To prepare the fried sourdough:

  • 4 large or 8 smaller pickled cucumbers
  • 2 liters or 3 m eggs
  • 20 d kg of flour
  • 10 dkg bread crumbs and 10 dkg panko crumbs or 20 dkg bread crumbs
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • Plenty of fat for frying: cooking oil, lard, or coconut oil

For diving:

  • 5 tablespoons of mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon of hot pepper sauce
  • 1 teaspoon paprika – smoked paprika is best
  • Sprinkle parsley to taste

In a double jacket / Photo: Stephanie Hagnall (Stefania), Tamas Boudur, Nosalte Eitlphoto

to prepare:

  • If necessary, cut the pickled cucumber in half so that the piece is no more than 8-10 cm long. Then, depending on its thickness, cut it lengthwise into two or four parts.
  • Next, we carefully absorb the moisture from the cucumbers with a paper towel.
  • It can also be baked in the traditional way: first in flour, then in beaten eggs and breadcrumbs. Let’s repeat it again!
  • You can also bake it in panko breadcrumbs, substituting the breadcrumbs for the panko crumbs. Also get a double coat!
  • Fry in the fat of your choice, it can be cooking oil, lard or coconut fat. Heat the fat well, then fry the cucumbers over medium heat until golden brown.
  • It is best eaten with a light and impressive dip! Our advice above.

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