We are committed to supporting young talents

We are committed to supporting young talents

Hungarians are committed to supporting young talent personally and financially, Minister Without Portfolio for Families at the opening of a two-day conference called Budapest Talent Summit on Thursday.

Katalin Novak said this is evident from the fact that since 2013, 3.4 million people have submitted one percent of their taxes for the purposes of the National Talent Program. With the help of the program, 350,000 young people are reached every year. They support them in talent centers, help them with scholarships, reward talent sponsors, and through the Stipendium Peregrinum scholarship, they also create an opportunity to study in the best universities in the world with state support, he said.

In addition, they also advertise programs for talented young Roma and support competitions in all walks of life.

The minister affirmed:

Hungary’s resources are a talent, and the country cannot afford not to rely on its resources,

Therefore, talents must be recognized and supported from the very first moment in order to make the most of their talents.

He said that Hungary is successful compared to its population, awarding the world 13 Nobel Prize winners, stressing that this success requires commitment from young people and support from the state.

Katalin Novak also spoke about the fact that Hungary is one of the most successful countries in terms of demographic indicators: the number of marriages has doubled compared to ten years ago, the number of divorces is the lowest in 60 years, and prepare for this. The number of children has increased by 25 percent, and the country’s economic performance is also among the best in Europe.

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In his greeting, László Péter Kollár, Secretary General of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA), spoke of the fact that recognizing talent is not enough, talent becomes an individual and social value if it is done purposefully and persistently.

In addition to family, school and group of friends also play a large role in talent recognition, but more and more institutions and organizations are also working to find and support talent.

– Tell.

He stressed that interest in science and talent does not guarantee the success of career research, and often additional financial and professional support is required.

Among the talent support programs of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Hungarian Secondary Academy of Sciences Alumni Program, the Bolyai Scholarship, the International Youth Conference Scientific Competition, the Lindollet Program and the Young Researchers Academy founded in 2019 are mentioned.

The Secretary-General also drew attention to the need to give disadvantaged children the opportunity to emerge from the situation into which they were born. Laszlo Peter Kollar said: If a young man finds what he truly loves and does it with zest and joy, the whole nation will win.

Albert Ziegler, Vice-President of the European Council for High Potential, emphasized that talent contributes significantly to the advancement of societies.

If a country does not pay enough attention to talent management, it will not perform well in the long run

He added that countries would therefore benefit from investing in talent management.

Albert Ziegler noted that the investment will take a long time to pay off, but Hungary is on the right track, for example, which has the most talent centers in Europe.

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Speaking at the international conference were among others Efes Koshi, Albanian Minister of Education, Sports and Youth, and Milan Savic, State Secretary of the Serbian Ministry of Sports and Youth.

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