"We are building the Hungarian Army for the 21st century"

“We are building the Hungarian Army for the 21st century”

Until the outbreak of the second wave of the epidemic, he was visiting the country regularly and presenting the defense and strength development program for retired soldiers in lectures. Why personally do you feel it is important to regularly inform your old buddies of the changesto?

The Hungarian Armed Forces embarked on the path of development, as they not only set the goal of being a distinct and speculative force in the region, but also to create a career for our soldiers – be it an active or retired soldier – which it deserves. The way he estimated. This is because the soldier takes an oath of life, and is committed throughout his life to the security and defense of the homeland. Therefore, the active military life that we envision has a preparatory phase that includes military career guidance through various stages of apprentice programs, and a retirement phase where a soldier no longer takes active military service but remains committed to the cause of national defense, and lives faithfully to his oath. For this age group, we would like to launch the so-called Obitos and Veterans Programs, that is, for those who have completed their active careers but are still members of a large family of the military. There are many people in this circle who have worked for the homeland and the homeland and are still committed and loyal to their homeland. We need to appreciate them and take care of them as much as possible. The government’s aging policy provides many opportunities for this, and we are in a position to further strengthen this support system, because we feel it is our duty to take care of everyone who did for Hungary. The same applies to soldiers who completed combat missions on missions and were honored for their bravery in combat operations, or were wounded on the battlefield. They are the veterans who “walked the path of armies”.

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What are the key elements of the Obsitos and Veterans Program, and in what ways can they facilitate the daily lives of these soldiers?

Whoever served in the Hungarian Armed Forces for a certain period of time, and continues to think and act as described above, has “got” to be part of the obsitos program. In our view, they continue to serve the interests of the nation, national defense and the army. Therefore, in addition to the deserved retirement, they can demand some support and appreciation for their commitment to their homeland and their service to the younger generation. What do I mean by service to your country and loyalty to the army and the young generation? To say the least: the father, the grandfather, can be a role model, or he can motivate his son, his grandson. For example, in conscription, we find that the majority of military candidates still receive guidance from their parents and grandparents, wishing to enter a military career under their influence. So the older age group helps in recruiting young men and guides them into a profession, and they can also participate in the National Defense and National Defense Education Program: They can speak truthfully about the beauty, challenges and experiences of the military profession. How can we help? We would like to expand the benefits of some business lines and organizations not only for active soldiers, but also for Obitos program participants and veterans. Summarizing my thoughts, I would like to say that we want as many people as possible to strengthen their sincere thinking about their country, and what I did for my country.And the Did I do everything I could? We claim that we sometimes cut off from the humiliating past, and look forward: If you do and will do the rest of your life, as the military department obliges you, for the sake of your country, for the cause of national defense, then you deserve the help of this great immortal family that stands by you from the beginning of your military career to the end.

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