We also have what will be a PS Plus game in August

We also have what will be a PS Plus game in August

Sony tends to keep a hidden secret of what will be a free PlayStation Plus launch next month, however, at its State of Play event yesterday, it did reveal one of its games in August.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a battle royale game that PlayStation Plus subscribers can get for free from August 3 to September 6. Although the genre has been booming lately and battle royale is also on tap, Hunter’s Arena: Legends has been given a bit of oriental spice, making it feel like a fun dueling game.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends has been available for early access on Steam since last year, but it will become a full game on August 3, plus it will receive cross-support between PC, PS4, and PS5.

By the way, the star of the State of Play yesterday was Deathloop, the directors also revealed a longer and exciting recording of the game, but promising independent news also appeared. At State of Play in June, Aloy’s adventures were revealed when Horizon Forbidden West was revealed.

If you haven’t got the free PS Plus games in July yet, but want to see what’s on this month’s list, click here to find out.

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