Watermen BL: Defeat the FTC with 10 goals against Barcelona

Watermen BL: Defeat the FTC with 10 goals against Barcelona

FTC-Telekom Waterpolo was eliminated by Barcelona of Spain in Group A in the 10th round of the Men’s Water Polo Champions League, 17-7.

Other times Ferencvaros will score many goals throughout the match as in the first quarter of the Champions League group match against Barcelona. The fact that Dénes Varga, who had fallen ill, and Zoltán Pohl, who was recovering from his injury, were sitting in the front row of the stands (there was no room elsewhere) didn’t help the Green Whites, nor did the fact that half of the team was after Injury, try to recover. On the other hand, Barcelona, ​​from Peronnes, Monarizos, Garandosos, shone in all their splendor.

Obviously you don’t have to score four goals in the first four shots, and that’s how Ferencvaros started, which didn’t bode well. Dénes Varga was very wrong in attack, because Marton Vamos always had a defender in the face, usually three or four Spanish players were thrown in the middle, the others were not necessarily in the shooting position. Sure, it could have been prevented, but Barceloneta launched a smooth attack in a quarter, plus five out of play.

The sequel was no better, although Zsolt Varga tried to change the goalkeeper. But instead of greens and whites catching up, the gap widened even more. To make matters worse for the people of Ferencvaros, Jansek Szilard was replaced by a gerbil once and for all at the beginning of the third quarter – there was usually a case where the opposite could be said. Let’s just say nothing went.

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Led by Barcelona with nine goals before the last quarter, if there is a technical KO in water polo, it will certainly be judged by the referees. Moreover, the Spaniards were shown in such a way that Felipe Perrone was completely satisfied with the subjugation of others and did nothing special at his level.

The Spaniards had already led by 10 goals in the final quarter and eventually won plenty of goals against struggling Ferencvaros. The bottom line is clearly ugly 17-7, and the Greens are in a difficult position: they have to win the ranks from now on, both domestically and internationally. It takes a lot more than that, but it’s hard to say for players who are very self-critical after a hard defeat on their home soil.

Water polo, men’s champions league, group
Group A Round 10

FTC-TELECOM-CNA BARCELONETA (Spanish) 7-17 (3-7, 2-5, 1-3, 1-2)
Kumjadi swimming pool
And the 2000 view. a: Marjeta (Slovenian), Vranulovic (Croatian).
FTC: Vogel Soma – Molnár E., Vigvári Vendel, Jansik No. 2, Ubovics, Vámos 2, Merkulov 1. exchange: Zacconi (goalkeeper), Nemet T. , Fequette G1, Damonte, Varga F. , Neri b. 1.
Fitness Trainer:
Slot Varga
Barcelona: Lopez Pinedo – Granados 5, Monaros 3, Peroni 1, de Toro 1, Larumbi 3, Famera 2. exchange: F. Fernández, Asensio, Pavillard, Bustos 1, Biel 1.
Fitness Trainer:
Elvis Fatowicz
Objective – Human Advantage: 10/3, respectively. 6/5.
Target – from five meters: -, Will. 1/1.
Issued (permanently, interchangeably): Jansik No. (p. 19)
master balance sheet
Zolt Varga:-
Barcelona played very hard and we couldn’t play water polo the same way. We are going through a difficult period, compounded by the lack of Domi and the fact that Covid has basically gone through us. We started very badly, we limited the whole match, then we couldn’t come, but the difference became bigger.
Elvis Fatowicz: – It is clear that the absence of Denis Varga was a great loss for young Ferencvaros, because in my opinion he is one of the best players in the history of water polo. However, we had great success, because so far we haven’t had much success in this pool. Lots of matches left, it’ll be fun for the hair, but we’re clearly in a better position than before the Tour.

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