Water loss is measured by NASA's latest invention

Water loss is measured by NASA’s latest invention

NASA launched an online platform Thursday that measures the amount of water evaporating from the atmosphere from plants, soil and other surfaces in the western United States.

Explained in days The latest invention from NASA, An online platform that provides farmers with useful information about how much water evaporates into the atmosphere from plants, soil and other surfaces. By making this data available to farmers, they will be more aware of their water resources in arid regions, News Letters.

The platform, OpenET, uses satellite imagery from Landsat, a decades-old project by NASA and the US Geological Survey.

The interface provides data on the extent of evaporation in 17 western states. This is the process that includes surface evaporation, i.e. evaporation, and the combined amount of transpiration water used and released by vegetation.

Detailed information on soil moisture can help professionals and farmers, how to plan for dry conditions and how to reduce the amount of water used for irrigation

NASA scientists told the press Thursday.

The western United States has been suffering from drought for more than two decades, which has been exacerbated by climate change. hot summer Record-breaking wildfires over the years have also sucked moisture from the soil.

The developed platform contains data going back to 1984. In the coming months, the NASA team will work to ensure that the program includes the same level of detail about precipitation. Scientists say the tool will eventually extend to other parts of the United States, including areas around the Mississippi River and the Appalachian region.

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