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Water for Men: Defeating Canada wasn’t an issue either

Water for Men: Defeating Canada wasn’t an issue either

After beating Best of Australia, the Canadian national team caused no problems for the Hungarian men’s water polo team in the eight-team Dubai World Cup final: In Tuesday’s group match, Federal Captain Tibor Penedik’s crew won seven goals against the North. The Americans.

Norbertek Hosnyansky (6) had no problem beating Canada either (Photo: Gábor Fuszek, Archive)


Surprisingly, it was only at the beginning of the meeting that the Canadians took the lead. Márton Szivós of world champion Tibor Benedek responded very quickly, but there were no more strikes in the first quarter.

Then, in the second eight minutes – it was evident from the coverage of on the site – the Hungarian goal production began: Martin Vamos’ left hand flashed first, then Norbert Madaras was left-handed twice the world champion at the Olympic Games. Successful, and shortly before the big break, five-episode gold medalist entered Dénes Varga’s first World Cup tournament via show (4-1).

In the third part of the match, Balázs Erdélyi scored 5-1 with an escape goal, and then – after the Canada Beautify – Dénes Varga “ran” 7-2 with two more hits.

The two sides started the last quarter with a score of 7-3, but Vamos quickly “rewrote” the scoreboard (8-3). In the sequel, the Canadians increased the penalty kick, while World Cup winner Miklos Gur Nagy from Pendik team, a minute and a half before the end, Olympic and world champion Norbert Hosniansky also took the opponent’s goal, creating the final score 10-3, reflecting an easy success.

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In the final round of the group stage, Hungary will start in the water with the United States national team from 12:30 pm on Wednesday.

The first stage, in which everyone moves, is followed by the straight knockout stage, and in the cross-play system, the first place winners of the quartet collide with the fourth quartet of the other quartet and the second place winners collide. With the third. The four winners will advance to the semi-finals, losers 5-8. They keep playing for the center.

International Water Polo League for Men (Dubai)
Group B, Round 2
Hungary-Canada 10-3 (1–1, 3–0, 3–2, 3–0)

Dubai 50 view. Fifth: Adzic (Montenegro), Jaber (Egyptian)
Hungary: DECKER A. – Szivós 1, VARGA DÉNES 3, VARGA DÁNIEL, Hárai, Madaras 1, Gór-Nagy 1. A: M. Tóth, Hosnyánszky 1, CUSTOMS 2, Angel, Transylvanian 1. Federal Captain: Tibor Benedek
Canada: Alexic-Kodaba, Vikalo, Konstantin Picari 2, Radogic, McCillroy, Graham 1. A: Boyd, Robinson, Tashiro, Conway, Nightmare. Federal Captain: Alex Bislin
Goal – human advantage: 2/2, sick. 6/1
Goal – from five meters: -, Will. 1/0
The main balance sheet
Tibor Benedek:
– It was a strange match. From day one to day two, judgment perception changed completely, and they didn’t explode in vain. We try to make the matches more exciting with our multi-action game, but it is very challenging … Do not make this judgmental perception happy, because allowing a stronger structure to dominate the game is not the right direction.
Team Leader Neil Muir: As the Hungarian national team likes to respond, we tried to focus on our defense and build on it. This wasn’t entirely successful, so we need a tighter shutdown in the future. Also, we didn’t shoot our human benefits, and that was the biggest difference.
In another group match
United States and Australia 4-8 (1–2, 2–1, 0–3, 1-2)
the work: 1. Hungary 6 points, 2. Australia 3, 3. United States 3, 4. Canada 0
Pairing round 3
Hungary – the United States, Australia – Canada

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aGroup, round 2
Brazil and China 9-12 (3-0, 5-0, 3-4, 1-5)
Serbia and Montenegro 14-5 (3-0, 2-0, 5-1, 4-4)
the work: 1. Serbia 6, 2. Montenegro 3, 3. Brazil 3, 4. China 0
Pairing round 3
Brazil, Serbia, Montenegro, and China

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