Watch two bees who loosened the cap of the soda bottle together

Watch two bees who loosened the cap of the soda bottle together

We all know that bees play an important environmental role because they pollinate many plants. However, it is not well known that these intelligent animals have other abilities, understand mathematics, and even use tools, he said ScienceAlert Scientific journal.

In a new video, you can see two bees working together to unscrew the cap of the soda bottle to reach the sugary liquid.

In today’s digital age, of course, we really have to rethink whether we are only dealing with computer animation, or whether bees have simply “pushed” to the limit that has already been decoded. Either way, it’s worth considering whether the bees can perform the trick seen in the video?

The recording, according to the uploaders, was photographed by a worker in São Paulo, Brazil, during a lunch break. Of course, many doubt the authenticity of the video, as how would two tiny brain pests be able to act smart?

The video below shows the amazing bee trick:

But in recent years, science has shown in many cases that animals’ brain size does not always correlate with their abilities. For example, in small animal bodies, neurons need to direct much fewer cells, so a smaller brain suffices for them. Additionally, the presence of complex connections between neurons may be more important than the amount of neurons.

In 1962, for example, Karl von Frisch stated that wasps have brains too small to be thought of, so they attributed their behavior to instincts. He said this just a decade before he won a Nobel Prize for his study of bee communication. Since then, the way we think about animal intelligence has changed even more, and the capabilities of bees’ brains have been tested in a number of ways in recent years of research.

Studies have shown that despite the fact that bee brains represent only 0.0002% of the human brain, they are surprisingly intelligent.

Not only are bees able to learn from each other, but they also use tools, they can even count back to zero, and they can solve basic mathematical equations.

Even today, there is an opinion that insects live only according to their instincts and are unable to solve unknown tasks. However, unscrewing the cap of a soda bottle is by no means an instinct that has evolved in nature. Skeptics will surely say that the bees were only so lucky in the shot, felt the sweet liquid, and only acted haphazardly against the obstacles.

However, it is important to emphasize that nature continues to surprise us. For example, it has already been demonstrated that a single neuron in bees can be associated with up to 100,000 other hives.

Because of this, insects may be able to perform complex tasks. In a recent study, for example, wasps were taught to roll a ball to a goal in exchange for a reward. To achieve the goal, wasps had to work together and learn from their mistakes – and they did so with amazing ease.

In the past, it was thought that the use of the devices was limited to humans, but it was found later that primates, then mammals and sea birds, could use the devices to achieve their goals.

If the video doesn’t show real happenings, research has already shown that insects can perform seemingly amazing tasks, so the next time you have lunch outdoors, you might want to watch your drink.

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