Watch: Gabby Douglas Talks New Reality Show, Achieving Goals & Dating. #DouglasFamilyGold


The lovable and bubbly Gabby Douglas is coming out with a new reality show, Douglas Family Gold which airs on Oxygen, May 25, 2016. Not only will we get to get to know Gabby, we also get to know her entire family. The show features the gold medal gymnast and her support system, which includes her mother Natalie Hawkins, sisters Arielle “Arie” Hawkins, Joyelle “Joy” Douglas, brother, Johnathan Douglas and grandmother Miss Carolyn, this series chronicles their journey and sacrifices as Gabby heads back to the Olympic Games and attempts a history-making performance. gabby-douglas-story-lifetime-getty

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Gabby, an accomplished US women’s Artistic gymnast and her mom Natalie, a single parent of four who has raised her children on the premise that everything is possible as long as you believe. During the interview  what stood out more than anything was Gabby’s very sweet disposition. It was obvious from her responses that she is  young and full of life. You also heard the passion and dedication with every answer.

Q: Whose idea? (for the show)

A(Gabby): It was my oldest sister Ariel, I was a bit hesitant, didn’t want cameras distracting my work.

Q: How does your mom influence or affect you career decisions?

A(Gabby): She has done a very good job, she’s so powerful and inspirational. Taught me to always keep fighting. She is a single mom and I have seen her raise us and do so many amazing things.

Q: How has roll of momager impact your relationship?

A(Mom): It has enriched it, since 2012 I feel like we have done a magnificent job.

Q: What is the overall message of the show?

A(Gabby): We want people to take away laughter, inspirational to see what it takes to achieve goals, bonding with family and to “keep fighting”.

Q: How did other gymnast react to the filming of the show?

A(Gabby): OMG, they love it. So excited to watch and support.

Q: Do you feel pressured by the digital media age?

A(Gabby): Social media has a standard of looking a certain way, I don’t feel pressured, but my advice for people struggling is to really love yourself.

Q: How as a single mom, did you give g what she needed?

A(Mom): Each child felt like they were my favorite. I never wanted any of my children to feel isolated. It was difficult to have one on one time with each but necessary. I wanted my children to support each other, no sibling rivalry. I gave them individual time, so that none of them felt left out. I was very focused and deliberate, for me it’s about being engaged, you can’t let the ball drop.

Q: What will viewers learn?

A (Mom): They’ll get insight on how we are as a family. They’ll see first-hand how we stay together as a family and how we handle adversity. Also, you’ll get to see Gabby as the prankster.

A (Gabby): They’ll see the hard work I put in the gym, what it take to be a professional athlete and the required training at the same time.

Q: Dating? Boys?

A(Mom): We didn’t do boys *laughs* Big brother John (Johnathan) was not having that. He’s very protective, and seriously she didn’t have much time for anything else. Training 30-40 hours a week.

Q: Did Faith play an important role?

A(Gabby): One of my biggest keys especially as a gymnastics since it’s pretty much dangerous and hard is faith and meditation. For me it helped. 

Can’t wait to catch the premiere of the show tomorrow May 25  10/9c on Oxygen. Gabby is just so real and lovable this is definitely a family show we would all enjoy watching.




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