Washington says Beijing is behind the cyber attack on Microsoft

The White House accused the Chinese government of committing large-scale cyber attacks in January, including on Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft’s mail program. write the financial times.

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A cyber defense expert said the cyber attack in January involved at least 30,000 organizations, including various companies and local governments. The European Council considered the series of cyber attacks irresponsible and infinitely harmful, with numerous security risks and likely to cause significant economic damage to both government institutions and the private sector across Europe.

The White House has not revealed exactly which group of hackers is responsible for the attacks. Allies of the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and NATO also supported American action against China.

It is believed that the attackers also gained access to sensitive information about motorized vehicles and commercial airlines, as well as documents about various infectious diseases (Ebola, HIV).

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