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Was Queen Sarolta really black?  What is true in the new Bridgerton story?

Was Queen Sarolta really black? What is true in the new Bridgerton story?

Although the Bridgerton chain initially tells us that, Shonda Rhimes The series is fictional, but there are many small points in the work that can completely confuse fans.

Queen Sarolta in a Netflix shoot Photo: Netflix

Skin color of Queen Sarolta

Third. George The complexion of the wife of the British king, Queen Sarolta, was not completely white, as many historians have shown. Their claims are justified by the fact that although the Queen was usually masked in white in contemporary depictions, His ancestors included black members of the Portuguese royal family. Because of this, not only was the color of his skin unusual in the British royal family, but also the distinctive features of his face. Historians also noted that the queen’s face was “obviously amused” and that her nose was unusually broad and her lips plump. So the new Bridgerton story on Netflix has done a pretty good job of establishing skin tone, highlighting the story, but It’s also worth knowing that the “how blacks get into the royal court” thread, which is the basis of the series, is completely unfounded.Sarolta’s ancestors had no positive effect on blacks in England or the British colonies.

Status of women and noble families

It’s our pleasure to watch it A little girl is standing her ground like a queen and fighting for what’s right in this era, but in reality that definitely wouldn’t have happened.. At that time, women did not have such an opportunity to influence people, let alone rule a country.

And the fact that many noble families are of African or Asian descent doesn’t hold up historically either: In this era, only white people could be aristocrats in the United Kingdom.
Of course, the premise of the series is really cool: if this had happened, the slave trade might not have flourished in England, but this part of the Netflix series is really just gritty. imaginary.

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