Was Goliath buried in the same place where Jesus was crucified?  - New Kong

Was Goliath buried in the same place where Jesus was crucified? – New Kong

Biblical scholars have come up with a strange theory.

According to scholars, the famous battle of David against Goliath took place at Golgotha, on the outskirts of Jerusalem, at the end of which David buried the severed head of the giant.

Researchers believe that the skull of Goliath was buried there, too, at Golgotha ​​(the place of the skulls in Hebrew) – where Jesus was also crucified, according to Christians.

According to them, if the area is excavated, archaeologists will find the skull of Goliath (no excavations have been carried out at the site so far). But experts say that even if the fossils were given the go-ahead and no skulls were found, the site is still the site of the historic battle between David and Goliath.

“David took the severed skull to Jerusalem. It is strange because it is Jerusalem.” [akkoriban még] It was not the capital of David, but the city of God’s enemies.

What did he do with the giant head? Perhaps he installed it on a hill outside the city for all to see,” said Rick Schenk of Bethlehem College and School.

Several hundred years later, Jesus was crucified in the ‘place of the skull’ outside of Jerusalem. But why was this place called Golgotha ​​in Jesus’ time? The text does not tell us, but it is interesting that the name of this place is very similar to Goliath. He added: “Whether it was Goliath of Gat is the correct etymology of Golgotha ​​or not, this city was the place where the head of Goliath was taken.”

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How big is a goliath really?

Brigham Young University archaeologist Jeffrey Chadwick has several possible versions.

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