Was changing the country not worth it? “The Chinese did not call the old man lyus.”

The brothers will miss the World Speed ​​Skating Championships next week in South Korea (too).

Sandor Liu Shaolin and Liu Shaoang are Chinese Introduction Waiting for him, the brother and sister who won the Olympics in Hungarian colors will miss the short track speed skating world championships next week in South Korea, Sportal.hu writes. According to the newspaper

The Chinese did not name any of them in the period from 10 to 12 March. For the match between South Korea

According to the Korean press, the Liu Brothers have already obtained Chinese citizenship at the end of 2022!

“I spoke with them and Shaolin could already be in the World Cup, but he told me that due to some administrative issues, the Chinese finally withdrew his entry. That’s why you still have to wait for the introduction. For them, this is also the end of the season.” Chapa Bergan, who, together with Lioz, became an Olympic champion in 2018 as a member of the relay team, told the newspaper.

Finally, the Liu brothers were released back to China for free

The brothers, who have been out of action since last summer, will miss the current competition and will next appear in the global competition in the fall.

There are no Hungarian-born competitors on the Hungarian national figure skating team – a complaining parent told our newspaper

Editorial photo: Mandiner/Dávid Mátrai

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