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Warrior Soldiers: I Feel Good In My Skin – Adam Lang

Adam Lange, who is extending his contract in Cyprus until 2025, also spoke to Omonia about his confidence in Omonia, the most beautiful part of his career and the Buffalo League of Nations group.


Adam Lange (Photo: AC Omonia)

“Will you end your career in Nicosia at the end?”
“I don’t know what life brings, but I’m sure it’s good to be a footballer in Omonia,” he said. Lang Adam, The 45-year-old national team defender, who will turn 29 on January 17, has just extended his contract until the summer of 2025. “This club really has everything you need to plan for the long term.”

– as?
Conditions are good, the team is strong, the goals are big. We have progressed step by step in recent years, but we are still trying to progress. The truth is, this is a good little place! Not to mention that I feel great not only as a footballer but also as a father to the family, especially in light of the fact that my wife and two young children are happy in Cyprus. If the world didn’t catch the coronavirus, this place would be heaven itself. We hope everything goes well soon.

“When I committed to Omonia for three years in June, two thousand and nineteen, do you think there could be six out of three?”
– It is not clear then. But over time, my feeling grew stronger: everything here is beautiful and good. I feel really good on my skin! I have an unforgettable two and a half years, I played a lot, I enjoyed the confidence. In addition, we achieved great results with the team. It was on the deck that we are going to extend, and the club captains had indicated earlier that there was no hitch on their part.

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“If I’m not mistaken, you’re not torn either.”
“It may have been clear from what has been said thus far, I had no reason to do so.” There were inquiries, but we didn’t get to anyone specifically, although I don’t mind. We sat down, negotiated and agreed with the leaders of Omonia. It is an honor to have you trust me, and of course I am grateful to my manager, Zoltan Ellis, who has been with me almost throughout my career.

– He was also a champion and a member of the Super Cup winning teams in Hungary, Romania and Cyprus, but can we say he is spending the most successful period of his career so far in Nicosia?
– That’s right, yes. It has already been said that there is no shortage of playing opportunities, but not after we have been top twice in the league and have already competed twice in the group stage of one of the International Cup Series, the first in Europe. League and then in the European League. Although we only got the top spot on paper for the first time because the pandemic has faded by the season, the Alliance has yet to announce the final score. In vain, we drove the table, there was no gold medal … In previous years, Omonia was just a shadow of itself, in the two thousand and twenty-nine seasons we managed to get out of nowhere, at least not many people depended on it behind everyone else. However, life wanted it differently, we did not officially become heroes. But for a year, yes, deservedly. We cut him off from the previous season by taking back what he once stole from us! We did.

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They are currently fourth, seven points behind AEK Larnaca, who top the list with fewer matches. Have you given up property protection?
– No way! Far from the end, the regular season isn’t over yet. Our first and most important task at the moment is to secure our place in the top six as quickly as possible, which is worth playing in the Senate. The playoffs are really a separate tournament, the contenders vying for the gold medal steal each other’s points, and those who do well at that point can be a hit. I would say we spoiled the start of the season, but it’s a shame we are bitter about this, we need to focus on not making any mistakes from now on. If we could reduce our lag by four to five points at the start of qualifying, our situation wouldn’t be so hopeless at all, in fact!

(Photo: Karoly Orfay)

– If there is hope, what did you say about the League of Nations lottery? I guess I wasn’t happy because Hungary was in a group that included Italy, Germany and England.
– Why would I be sad about that?! We knew we could get into four strong buffaloes, so it happened. We can play with the best teams, but that’s why football is great. The more we meet a better opponent, the more measurable we are, where we are good, what we are lower, and what we need to improve to advance. We’re on the field four times in ten days, which is a big challenge too, but we’re way ahead of it! So, for my part, there’s no problem getting the strongest teams out, and I can’t wait for the series to start now. I’m looking forward to the March pre-matches as well, although we don’t know yet who we’re playing with. In any case, it would be nice to meet your peers again after four months.

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You won’t have much time to rest in the coming weeks.
– It’s good as long as one match after another! We have already talked about the league, and in the Cyprus Cup we are between the last 16, the duel will be played by the cutting system, only the final will be one match, so if all goes well, we will have seven more clashes in this series. However, I want everything to go well, because I have already won the championship and the Super Cup, not the cup yet. I’d be happy to celebrate the first with Omonia – it looks like I have at least three and a half years to reach my goal…

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