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Warning to Brits living in Hungary: An important deadline approaches

The Budapest Office is seeking the assistance of Hungarian readers to reach British nationals who have not yet applied for incorporation.

In light of Brexit, Parliament passed a law on the right of residence for British citizens and their family members last December. The presentation of the proposal states that the affected British community of about 5,000 inhabitants has the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Hungary on favorable terms, through which they can continue to stay here.

British citizens who have already lived in Hungary before 1 January 2021 must apply for a residence permit by 31 December 2021, including those who have a residence permit or residence permit issued before Hungary joined the European Union in 2004, or who have Hungarian residence. Married to a citizen, unless they hold dual Hungarian and British citizenship.

Old documents previously issued to British citizens are valid until December 31, 2021, so those who do not apply for new documents by this date will lose their acquired rights in Hungary and will only be able to validate them naturally – more extensive and complex immigration procedures from January 2022 .to stay in Hungary.

According to the announcement, 1,200 British citizens have already submitted their applications, but there are many who have not yet done so by the deadline.

In the statement, Ambassador Paul Fox was quoted as saying: “Anyone with British friends, neighbors or family members who arrived in Hungary before 1 January 2021 should be asked whether they have already applied for a residence permit. If not, Encourage them. Start the process now.”

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