Want to see your name again in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey?

Want to see your name again in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey?


Five lucky applicants will be named locations in the add-on.

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Currently expected by late spring / early summer Dangerous Elite: Odyssey An additional PC version has been released (expansion may arrive for consoles in the fall), and now the developers have announced an interesting sweepstakes in this regard.

In the lottery, which runs until January 21, a few copies of the game will not be withdrawn, instead a place in the program will be named to the five lucky winners. To serve It could be hereFor more details, see Official forum readable.

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In any case, this type of fee for fans / helpers (developers will likely be like Easter eggs) is not new to video games, as three local examples popped up immediately. The Imperium galactica For example, the type names sullep and ecalep were added to the game after the surnames of the brothers Peller (Pellus and Pelace), who played more or less a role in the development. Bellas would later become the CEO of Digital Reality at a later date. It was also a DR I’m MoraIn this one of the building sites we find runic inscriptions – including, for example, also emanating from the names of the graphic artists. And our colleague LeMon – to whom we owe the magazine’s design since its launch in 1998 – A. The rush to BerlinBuilt in Your own picture. 🙂 ■

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