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WA National Archer National Championships

The WA Indoor Shooting Championship was held on March 13, 2021 at the Soroksar Gymnasium in Budapest.

Two young contestants from our association participated in the competition. Unfortunately, due to the epidemiological situation, our competitors had to adhere to strict rules, according to which only their certified coach could enter the competition venue and could support our pride. However, good results were achieved and they could proudly stand behind the extraordinary race.

Male Barebow class trainees

First place in the National Championship of Jirgo Poggio

Reflexology is a category of young women

Molnar Caroline Rachel first place

The IFAA National Shooting Championship was also held on 20 March 2021 in Budapest, but now in a different location, at the Pestszentimre Sports Hall.

One person represented our association in a contest this weekend.

Class archer hunting reflex

Molnar Caroline Rachel first place

Congratulations to our competitors and we wish you more successes in 2021 racing.

Special thanks to our coaching coaches, Gábor Bogyó and Alpár Csáki, for their contribution to these beautiful results despite difficult conditions.

Written by Tibor Ksubor

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