vrosliget fan area opened its doors

vrosliget fan area opened its doors

One of the official fans of the European Football Championship in Budapest, Froslijeti Mjbeli, has opened its doors in the region, where we will wait for sports fans and close their wishes for 31 days.

The Fan Zone opens at 11am every day, one day after the last game on match days and at 22am on public holidays. Immediately there will be an exciting match for the high match – 60 square meters each – and more entertainment will be provided by the large stage. In addition, there are many free programs for everyone, regardless of age. The tens of thousands of square meters are reminiscent of a soccer field, but in addition to an unmistakable picnic area there will be esports nooks, teqball, gyessgi obstacle course and fots corner and, of course, the inevitable full drink service.

Zsuzsa Csisztu, the heart of Budapest’s fan club, highlighted Friday’s official gates: the natural need for printers to come together and share the effects of football matches.

“Frosligate is no different from the launch of Arna Pusks, where everyone is enriched with a real football scene in a safe environment, including families. Damn, numb,” he said.

Pusks Arntl, the home of matches in Budapest, can be found in a stunning location less than a mile away, in a venue designed according to current medical requirements and the strictest procedures specified by the operating system. A law-abiding supporter will help him enter a complete offsite with a certificate of protection, a negative PCR test for at least 72 years, and an official certification that he has been infected within six years. months. In addition, security gates were placed at the entrance.

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Major Bales, head of Operation Support Village, left it to MTI: The Vrosliget site has a capacity of 11,000 people, and we have the technology at the gates to help us close the gates. He confirmed that there will be about 600 people working in shifts for the smooth running of the fans. At the same time, half of the population will be under surveillance, but on special days – when the Hungarians step on the beach – they will be a quarter.

Gene Sibos, the heart of the Hungarian Football Association, noted that the Hungarian European Championship has long had a cheerful atmosphere not only in the French locations, but also in Budapest.

“Those who, for various reasons, do not make it to Pusks Arn or other European Championship venues can watch matches in the great atmosphere of Vrosliget, and are sure to have lasting effects similar to those in the stadiums,” he said.

During the event, the organizers will provide the latest information, content and detailed programming about fan music on the Pusks Arna Facebook page.

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