Voyager – The big guns of Dürer’s progressive pop-metal ensemble

  • They got to Eurovision from Australia

The Voyager story, which has been active for more than 20 years, can be an excellent lesson in perseverance and struggle. The Australian band has been boldly playing with genres since the beginning and has been non-stop touring the world with their pop songs dressed in progressive metal, and this year the group’s longtime dream came true: they’ll represent Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest. The band will also return to the Old Continent in the fall to present their new album, so we can catch up with them at the Dürer Kert on October 8th.

From the outset, Australian Voyager has defied gender norms and the restrictions and rules imposed on them. They make their own pop, make bold use of guitar synths, and with their uplifting country-infused music, they run headlong into an endless line of hardened bands that see the world in a darker light, reinforcing the positivity in their music. Voyager is famous for crushing cities, and its determination is unstoppable. The Perth, Australia team has already toured the world several times, and thanks to this, they have also gained a very loyal fan base.

The quintet’s music features vocals, keyboard solos, and melodic and technical drum solos, all typical of Voyager’s progressive pop metal.

The band, active since 1999, is about to release their eighth studio album, Fearless In Love, but before they embark on a new chapter with the album, they are in an epic battle they’ve been in for a long time. The Voyager story could also be a lesson in passion, perseverance and patience: the band has wanted to enter the Eurovision Song Contest every year since Australia joined the competition in 2015. However, now is the time and they will represent their side this year at the contest in Liverpool.

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The Eurovision Song Contest entry is an epic, progressive pop-metal composition that tells an emotional story of adventure and redemption. The band’s star, Danny Estrin, is a longtime fan of Eurovision, and spoke about entering the competition as follows: “As a longtime fan of Eurovision, this is the pinnacle – Voyager will be performing at the biggest show in the world! Our song was invented for the Eurovision stage and we collectively feel it is one of our best songs. Eurovision, here we come!!!”

Voyager has come a long way, but it’s always proven to be worth it. Voyager already introduced itself to Hungarian audiences last year as Vola’s backing band, and now they’re returning to our country with an independent concert on October 8, at the Dürer Garden.

Ticket sales begin May 12 page.

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