Vote for Elon Musk to install a supercharger in Szombathely

Tesla is constantly expanding its network, and we can even locate new charging points.

You can vote again on where the new Hungarian supercharger should be. Right now, the capital of Lake Balaton is ahead of everyone else in this area, but Kecskemét and even Szombathely are at the top of the list of Hungarian cities — he writes.

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Nothing has been decided yet, but Siófok is currently ahead of everyone else in the Tesla survey. It also means that Tesla’s next turbocharger could be built here.

Tesla takes into account many aspects during installation: primarily the vehicle’s usage habits, the ways of the owners, but now they are subject to public demand as well. Every quarter, you can support our favorite settlements, and you can even suggest new locations. Of course, you don’t need to own a Tesla to vote, you just need a Tesla account.

Supercharger, Tesla’s fast charging technology. The network was launched on September 24, 2012, and last December more than 40,000 chargers were operating at about 4,500 stations. 1,772 stations were built in North America, 1,801 in the Asia/Pacific region, and 897 in Europe. So far, eight charging stations with 82 charging stations have been built in Hungary.

In the latest poll, Siófok currently leads Muscat in Oman and Key West in Florida. Anyone who wants to influence Elon Musk in his final decision is

You can submit it here

your vote. In addition to the city of Balaton, Kecskemét, Szombathely and Békéscsaba are also at the top of the list.

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Back in October, Tesla began its previous survey of where the next Supercharger locations should be, according to reports from a

Electric cars.

The American automaker owns and operates the largest global fast charging network in the world, with more than 40,000 Supercharger charging points.

Tesla owners can currently use it for free in Hungary.

During the fall vote, all registered users can vote for five sites, but additional sites can also be suggested.

Post-lockdown, Pécs has the prestigious fourth place among European locations, but the world-achieved ninth place is nothing to shy away from. According to Tesla’s website, the Pécs charging station is scheduled to open by the end of 2024, the paper reported.

But only owners of the US model will benefit if Tesla actually installs the Supercharger in Szombathely. On the one hand, the charging point

It is open to all electric cars, although they already have to pay for the electricity

(But it won’t always be free for Teslas, either.) On the other hand, the company is usually not one or two, but many

Creates several charging points at such a station,

So there is always free space to charge the car.

At the time of writing our article, Szombathely was the third Hungarian site behind Siófok and Kecskemét, but only 70 votes behind the latter. Furthermore it,

First place is only 250 votes away.

However, it currently means 5th in the world.

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