VOSZ: The entire SME sector must be knowledge-based

A role will be taken in creating an innovative sector for small and medium enterprises National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (VOSZ)Which celebrates its thirty-fifth anniversary this year. The organization’s work has long gone beyond classic advocacy activities, helping Hungarian entrepreneurs for more than three decades with career advice, distributing loans from the Széchenyi Card Program, operating with state support, training, and other services.

Interest representation leaders want to develop this business by transforming the local small and medium business sector in the direction of innovation and knowledge-based economy.

VOSZ organizes conferences for young entrepreneurs and practitioners in university dormitories in collaboration with leading local universities as part of the recently launched VOSZFESZT series of programmes. The essence of the concept is that, even more than before, special attention is paid to young entrepreneurs, to the economic importance of innovative ideas, knowledge and even To use science in business. Under the series of events, there are educational lectures and roundtable discussions focused on innovation for entrepreneurs, but the program is about more than that:

VOSZ concludes cooperation agreements with the best universities in the country, making modern knowledge accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

They’re pairing universities with entrepreneurs

According to VOSZ, both the academic world and the SME sector in Hungary have the capacity for innovation and innovative strategic thinking, but it is also necessary for these two worlds to converge. He said that as part of the initiative, VOSZ will enter into cooperation agreements with the most important players in higher education in the country. Janus Ebel, President of VOSZ. The first stage of this process was when a business interest representative strengthened his ties with István Széchenyi University in Győr recently.

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He added: Nowadays, knowledge has become the most important factor in the adaptation of economic actors. Whereas in previous centuries raw materials, population, and other similar factors were the basis of economic success, nowadays the most important factor is how efficiently we can incorporate the results of science into our operations.

It is critical that knowledge sharing be democratized, and that in addition to the world’s largest companies building on the findings of science, small and medium-sized companies should do the same.

he added.

They strive for applicable knowledge

A university is considered good if, in addition to teaching and research work, it maintains a lively and fruitful relationship with businesses and actors in economic life.

Applicability is the measure of research success

he said at the event Dr. Philip Balent is the President of Istvan Cecchini University.

Knowledge and action go hand in hand

He said. He added: As a result of the cooperation that has just been established, local and international companies will be virtually close to the lecturers and students of the higher education institution, since then In the future, the VOSZ office will operate in the Science Park of István Széchenyi University, which currently has no other example in the country. He added that there is nothing better than that indicating that the joint cooperation between lecturers, students and businessmen has entered a new era today.

The ceremonial signing of the agreement took place recently in Győr at the VOSZFESZT event

In his speech, he said that it is no coincidence that such cooperation between companies and higher education is the first to be established in Gyor. László Palkovics, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Széchenyi István University Foundation.

The future of universities is that they maintain close relations with companies. Modern higher education of the 21st century is also active in economic life, and through its work generates new innovations.


Strategic renewal is underway

Innovation is visible not only in the themes of the events, but also in the operations of the VOSZ itself, as the representation of interests is currently undergoing renewal.

The organization celebrates its jubilee this year, in addition to its classic and effective role for a long time, and is increasingly striving to share knowledge and mediate in this field.

For 35 years, the goal of VOSZ has been to learn about the problems and goals of companies across the country and to effectively represent their interests in political and social negotiations. It is also an important and enduring programme Provide information to companiesActively support their operations and make decisions by assessing the business environment, drawing attention to opportunities and threats, and providing advice and training to members in various forums.

Within the framework of our five-year strategy adopted last year, VOSZ has embarked on a growth path during which we try to make our existing values, experience, knowledge and knowledge of the entrepreneurial field more visible.

– said Janos Ibel, Chairman of the Authority for the Representation of Interests. He added that an integral part of the strategy is to assist the innovation process in the SME sector by involving entrepreneurs, higher education institutions and local universities in the process.

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