The Collegiate Glow Up: Navigating Through The Pressure


A lecture is simply an educational talk to an audience, especially to students in a university or college. Lectures can come in many different forms that you as a student have no control over and will have to adapt to depending on your professor’s lecture method. Some lectures are pure monotone and relating of information from the professor to the student. This method can be hard for most because it can, well let’s be honest, be boring. It will be left up to you to make the lecture more interesting for yourself. Some ways this can be done is by getting creative with your note taking, creating charts, using assorted color pens, sticky notes, typing notes, etc. I personally have used each of these and successfully added a splash of aesthetic to a monotone lecture. This approach will help with your collegiate glow up because it teaches you to look at things optimistically and always find a way to make things work.

Peer Study Groups

Peer study groups are exactly what they sound like, they are study groups consisting of your peers. Peer study groups are helpful in your classes because it allows you to bounce ideas off of each other. It also helps when there may be one thing you don’t fully comprehend in the class. This can also help in other aspects of your collegiate life because your peers will see how resourceful you are and will allow a new longevity of pouring into one another. This adds to your collegiate glow up by enhancing your networking skills so you become highly resourceful to others and vice-versa.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are offered to students on college campuses to help and assist students with more review on the curriculum. This is a great service because everyone learns differently. Some may learn best in a group setting but some learn better with one on one tutoring. By utilizing the tool of tutoring services you can receive extra one on one time to review curriculum that you did not fully comprehend at first.

Career Center

Career centers are specialized departments on college campuses that help students develop a plan to find a career after graduating. Career centers offer resume building and critique tools to students so they may showcase their greatness in the best resume possible. Throughout each semester the department will hold career fairs with various career fields available to students to connect and network with. Other programs are typically held to encourage professional dress and etiquette. Each college student should take advantage of their career center on their campus.

Joining Organizations

Organizations are a great way to step out of your shell and get involved on campus. When you think about joining an organization make sure you have a true interest in it because this will affect how much time and effort you give to the organization. Don’t worry, though, there is something for everyone. There are various types of organizations to cater to various interests of any and all collegiate students. Focus in on your interest and hobbies to make a decision on what organization fits you best. Another tip when joining an organization is to figure how much you can handle, a good number is 2-3 organizations to get involved in. Organizations are great to meet other like-minded individuals that you will be able to network with and in some instances find life long friends.

There are many ways to achieve the collegiate glow up but these two aspects will allow you to become resourceful. By being resourceful you will be able to grow and learn as a person academically as well in everyday life. The resourcefulness will pay off as you maneuver through the pressure to achieve your collegiate glow up and come out as a priceless diamond.

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