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Von der Leyen educated the Poles and spoke of a complete moratorium on Russian gas

Von der Leyen educated the Poles and spoke of a complete moratorium on Russian gas

We are in the midst of an energy crisis, we must prepare for the supply of Russian gas More turmoil Or even stop it altogether, said Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission. to the Polish DGP. He reiterated that the goal is for every European to be able to spend the winter in a warm house, but for that, the member states You should reduce consumption And store more gas, even if they are not equally affected by the crisis. von der Leyen confirmed

If consumption can be reduced by 15 per cent in the European Union, then winter can pass safely,

He again drew attention to the fact that energy solidarity is one of the basic principles of the European treaties.

Photo: John Teese/AFP

The day before, Anna Moskowa, Minister of Climate and Environmental Protection of Poland, stated that it is difficult to discuss the mandatory mechanisms prepared by the European Commission in a few days, and they are almost improvised, which will force member states to reduce consumption. Moscow described as unacceptable, The proposed gas consumption mechanisms could be binding on member states.

For this very reason, von der Leyen was also asked about the relationship between Brussels and Warsaw, about which he said that Poland must fulfill its obligations regarding recovery funds and reform the operation of the disciplinary chamber of the Supreme Court, as it is currently in violation of the European Union. rights. “This has never happened before,” he added.

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Since suspended judges are not reinstated, Poland must continue to pay daily fines based on the ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Everyone is looking for a way out of reducing gas consumption

In the absence of an agreement A very underrated suggestion This came before the European Union energy ministers on reducing gas consumption, although Moscow sent a strong message by halving the amount delivered.

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