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Volvo supports e-truck assistance
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Volvo supports e-truck assistance

The purchase is a significant milestone in the partnership between Volvo Group Australia and the European Space Agency established in July 2022.

The vehicle is the Volvo FL Electric, a powerful and agile truck designed for use in suburban and urban environments. With a structure designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the FL Electric will be used to perform critical missions, including supporting fire and rescue operations.

An important step towards sustainability

“This is an important milestone for the ACT. Converting our emergency services vehicles to zero-emission vehicles is a major step towards achieving our government’s goal of reducing emissions by 2045,” said Mick Gentleman, Minister for Police and Emergency Services for the Australian Capital Territory.

“The delivery of this co-designed vehicle is an important step towards reducing emissions within the emergency services fleet. We are excited to transform our fleet to improve not only our environmental footprint, but also the safety and well-being of our staff and volunteers. I would like to I acknowledge and thank the project team, including the firefighters from ACT Fire & Rescue, who together demonstrated leadership and innovation in the design and delivery of the vehicle.”

It will enter service soon

“Transport accounts for 19 per cent of CO2 emissions in Australia, of which 38 per cent comes from road vehicles. Through this project, the government and emergency services are setting an example in the transition to zero emission vehicles. Martin Merrick, President, Volvo Group Australia, said: Early adopters such as the European Space Agency and the ACT government are to be commended, and Volvo is proud to support their work to create a more sustainable world.

Following operator training and vehicle commissioning provided by Volvo, the new vehicle is expected to enter service in the Australian Capital Territory in early 2024.

Volvo Group Australia has been manufacturing trucks in Australia for 50 years and is committed to producing FM and FH heavy-duty electric vehicles at its Wacoli manufacturing facility from 2027.

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