Volkswagen Group received another big fine

Volkswagen Group received another big fine

An EU investigation, which revealed how BMW, Volkswagen (and Audi and Porsche, part of the Volkswagen Group) and Daimler, have delayed technological innovations that could reduce harmful nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel cars.

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Volkswagen will have to pay the interest of the fine, amounting to 502 million euros, even though it received a 45 percent discount for cooperating with investigators. The remaining €373 million will be borne by BMW. Daimler was granted a full exemption because it was the first to admit the existence of the business cartel.

This is the first time that the Commission has classified collusion over technical progress as a cartel. He concluded that the imposition of a huge and unprecedented fine could also indicate that the European Union made an earlier decision.

Volkswagen’s reaction also confirmed this assessment that “the Commission has entered a new area of ​​justice as it treats technical cooperation for the first time as a violation of antitrust rules.”

With this, the Volkswagen group received another piece of equipment, with which a diesel scandal could be linked before this case, in September 2015. At the time, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accused the group of companies of installing software in the exhaust gas cleaning equipment of 482,000 diesel cars that senses metering conditions . The vehicle thus produces a fraction of the actual NOx emissions in the tests, i.e. cheating in the test. Volkswagen has admitted to fraud. Of the approximately 11 million vehicles, 8.5 million were sold in the European Union. The recalls and damages triggered by Volkswagen lawsuits have cost 30 billion euros so far.

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