Volkswagen also bans petrol and diesel cars

Volkswagen also bans petrol and diesel cars

According to Klaus Zelmer, Sales Director of Volkswagen, the production of vehicles using internal combustion engines will be discontinued in Europe between 2033 and 2035, but not later in the United States and China, but in South America and Africa. infrastructure conditions.

Volkswagen’s new strategy, unveiled in March, set a goal of achieving 70 percent of electric car sales in Europe by 2030, which Zellner said would help the group meet tough EU climate targets.

Zelmer also added that by 2050, Volkswagen wants to be completely climate-neutral.

Incidentally, the latest EU climate goals call for manufacturers to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 60% by 2030, and predict a 100% reduction in the next step by 2035, making it nearly impossible to sell cars with internal combustion engines by then. . . Otherwise, companies can expect penalties. However, Volkswagen’s current plans fall short of that of Audi, which is also part of the group, which aims to eliminate internal combustion engines by 2033.

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