Voiculescu: There are still six vacancies in the country for intensive care

Voiculescu: There are still six vacancies in the country for intensive care

The health minister said at a press conference on Sunday that there are still six intensive care vacancies across the country.

According to Vlad Vojkulescu, hospitals in the country are caring for 11,875 adults and 94 children infected with the Coronavirus. However, 1,513 adults and 16 children need intensive care, and the head of the ministry noted that “at the moment, there are still six vacancies in intensive care units across the country.”

On Sunday, the prime minister said after attending a meeting of the National Center for Management and Coordination of Interventions (CNCCI) that there should be at least 1,600 intensive care units in the country.

Florin Coe expressed his confusion that the statistics show that the number of new infections per day is no longer increasing. In fact, there is a slight decrease, but “somewhat controversially”, the number of patients entering intensive care is increasing. According to the prime minister, we need to focus on “going through this wave”, which, in his opinion, will take about two to three months, while watching hospitals, as it is true that more than a million people have recovered from this wave. But more than 25,000 have died from the disease.

“It is very important that we have all the tools at our disposal and speed up the vaccination campaign,” Chu said.

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