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Vogeti Tvrtko applied for the strongest visa to stay in America

Vogeti Tvrtko applied for the strongest visa to stay in America

A former UN Ambassador and former Deputy Chief Engineer and Ambassador also wrote a letter of reference for him to get the visa.

I lived in the United States for more than ten years. I am grateful to this country for teaching me, giving me opportunities and accepting me. My wife is the head coach at a basketball academy here, and my young son studies there as well. My country is Hungary, but in recent years I have lived in America, and I will continue to do so in the future. So we’re staying here for now

a statement For Blake Vogeti Tvrtko. He added: It is not an easy process for someone to be able to live and work legally in the country, for him in this doctor. Aaron Szabo An immigration attorney is available to help.

Nearly two hundred types of visas can be applied for in America. One of the most powerful solutions is to settle in the national interest, so if someone obtains this visa, it is the first step towards a green card and later citizenship. This means that Tvrtko’s past, experience, career, and entire life make it in the best interest of the American people to live here, because it will help the economy, increase the nation’s values, and add to the country. What matters to the immigration office is that people coming to the country will make the United States more important

– said the lawyer, who also said: Very few people get such a special visa, because only a small part of the millions of visa applicants get it.

An application containing nearly a thousand pages of documents was prepared for Tvrtko, which includes a description of his entire professional life with evidence, documents proving studies approved by a university professor, a list of his Hungarian and foreign publications and lectures, proof of his knowledge of five different languages, his social activities, and the activities of his pages On social networking sites and references.

A letter of reference was written, for example, by a former UN Ambassador of one country, a former Deputy Chief Engineer of another country, and an Ambassador of a third country, but in both cases we are not talking about Hungary.

Dr. explained. Aaron Szabo.

Plus, we had to, for example, enter all my previous phone numbers, a list of when I’d been in which country, and they really wanted to know everything about me

– added Vogeti Tvrtko, who has been collecting the necessary attachments for his application for several months.

His application was finally accepted with record speed within three months.

According to the immigration lawyer, the decision taken in the “national interest lawsuit” clearly shows that, according to the United States of America, it is indeed in the national interest for Tvrtko to live and work in the country. However, he also wants to use all this for the sake of Hungarianism: through his lectures, films and all his activities he tries to bring the two peoples closer, to introduce Hungarians and Americans to each other.

I see great opportunity in all of this. In addition to America, I want to do everything I can for my native country, Hungary, and for my people, the Hungarian and Croatian peoples.

– Tvrtko said.

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